Standard and custom designs for various process control applications

TE offers a wide range of sensors using ultrasonic technology. Our ultrasonic sensors measure liquid level despite variations in transparency, viscosity, color, or dielectric. These solutions include air bubble detection for medical pumps; point and continuous level sensors for the semiconductor and high purity markets; and point level sensors for a variety of process control applications. We offer high accuracy, high frequency, short range continuous measurement ultrasonic sensors through air for process control. We manufacture standard and custom products that provide a system without moving parts, adjustments, or maintenance.

Product Features:

Capabilities of TE's Ultrasonic Sensor Products
  • Compatibility with a range of liquids and gases for sensors in direct contact with the media
  • No moving parts with outputs available in switch configurations or continuous measurements, as well as AC and DC inputs
  • Continuous ultrasonic liquid level sensor design for ultra-high purity applications (SL-900 Series)
  • Air-bubble detectors for critical applications such as infusion pumps, hemodialysis and blood flow monitoring where interruption in performance can be life-threatening (AD-101)


Detect bubbles as small as 1uL


PSI; custom designs up to 1,000 PSI


Available maximum temperature rating on certain configurations; minimum operating temperature as low as -30°C.

  1. AD-101 Air Bubble Detector Sensor Video (English)

Discover how the AD-101 air bubble detector sensor offers easy integration and provides exceptional reliability, delivering confidence in overall system performance.