RZF relays

General Purpose Relays

Whether you are designing for harsh conditions or indoor applications, our relay portfolio offers a broad range of solutions that were designed for the unique requirements your looking to solve for.

High Inrush

High Inrush Current Capabilities

For Use In Hazardous Locations

Meet Hazardous Locations Global Safety Requirements


Miniaturized Space Saving Designs


Designed to meet industry standards and global safety requirements

Designed To Meet High Inrush Current Requirements

High inrush capability is a trend for applications that require high inrush resistance on loads where there is an inrush current such as lighting, smart plugs, appliances and building automation. 


The following relays are suitable for high inrush current design needs:


For Use In Hazardous Locations

In air conditioning and refrigeration applications there is an increasing need for components to meet the IEC-based UL Standard for Safety for Explosive Atmospheres (60079-15). This standard helps to ensure the relays can safely operate in environments where there could be the presence of:


  • Flammable gases, vapors, or liquids
  • Combustible dust 
  • Ignitable fibers


The following Select General Purpose Relays have been tested to the 22.5 sealed device test method of UL standard 60079-15 and are suitable for use in hazardous locations:


The need to embed more functionality into smallers spaces is becoming a requirement for engineers designing new applications. Our relay portfolio offers compact space saving products that can help solve for your complex application needs. 


Contact Rating

One important factor to consider when selecting a relay for your application is the contact rating required. We offer relays for both low and high power contact rating needs.


Low Power (10A and lower) 


High Power (Above 10A)

  1. New OJT 10A TV-8 Rated Relays (English)

TE's new 10A TV-8 rated OJT series power relays conform to UL TV-8 rating and can withstand up to a 117A inrush current in ambient temperatures of up to 85°C.

Additional Applications

  • Lighting
  • Staircase timers
  • Boiler controls
  • Pump control relays
  • Heating elements
  • Energy controls and distribution
  • Time switches
  • Elevator and Escalator
  • Door controls
  • Timer, temperature controls, and phase protection
  • Heating systems controllers
  • Interface modules
  • Motor protection device / controls
  • Machinery controls
  • Motor and Inverter Control