Medical Grade Heat Shrink Tubing

Delivering reliability for medical grade uses

Our heat shrink tubing is designed for abrasion protection in medical instruments, insulation in laparoscopic electrosurgical devices, protection and insulation of highly flexible joints and as a processing aid for surgical and interventional applications. Our Raychem technology has emerged as an essential element in the design and manufacture of ISO 10993 and USP Class VI certified medical-grade heat shrink tubing.

Product Features

Specifications for Medical Heat Shrink Tubing
  • Unique formulations for broad range of medical applications  
  • Robust and chemical resistant
  • Stable, maintains integrity in high temperature conditions
  • Compliant to RoHS and USP class VI biocompatibility
  • Select products registered with FDA through the master filesystem (MAF)
  • Manufactured to ISO 10993 standard
  • Thin-wall polyolefins
  • High temperature, flexible and semi-rigid fluoropolymers
  • Single- and Dual-wall constructions
  • Controlled longitudinal shrinkage
  • Clear and color options available



Our range of Raychem heat shrink tubing offers expansion ratios up to 4:1


USP Class VI compliant products for surgical & minimally invasive applications


Recovery temperatures up to 210°C.

Selected Applications

Abrasion Protection for Medical Instruments
MT1000 and MT3000—Useful in areas where abrasion resistance is needed; improves reliability in high-contact applications.

Balloon and Stent Process Aid
MT-LWA—For use in laser-welding operations of stents and balloons, hot jaw bonding or other secondary value-add processes. This heat shrink tubing holds joints in place during operation and removes easily without residue or damage to the end product. An alternative to MT-LWA would be MT FEP.

Laparoscopic-Electrosurgical Device Insulation
MT2000 and MT5000—Can achieve high performance insulation and chemical resistance for a wide range of applications, with high expansion ratio capability.


Protection and Insulation of Highly Flexible Joints
MT5510 and MT3000—Provides durability through repeated use and additional flexibility while maintaining integrity of insulation to help protect medical devices from high temperatures, fluids and chemicals.

Sterilization Versatility 
Tubing products support various types of sterilization to meet device end use requirements.

Application Guides

Application Most Common Alternative Option
Process Aid for Catheter Shafts MT FEP MT LWA MT 5000
Surgical Instrument Shaft wih
Electrical Insulation
MT 5000 MT 1000 MT 3000
Flexible Catheters and
Vascular Instruments


(Dual Wall)

MT 5000 MT 2000
Surgical Instrument Shaft
Inside Tube


(Single Wall)

MT 2000 MT 3000
Needle and Guidewire Shafts MT 1000 MFT MT 2000 MFT


(Single Wall)

Endoscope Shaft MT-PBX
(Dual Wall)
MT 3000 MT 2000
Process Aid for Balloon Catheters MT LWA MT FEP  
Dental Braces MT 5000 MT 2000 MT-PBX
(Single Wall)
General Cable Strain Relief MT-PBX
(Single Wall)
MT 1000 MT 2000

Application recommendations are based on actual historical usage volume by our customers.

Product Overview Raychem Portfolio

With innovative advances in process technology and material science by our family of medical-grade tubing products, our new Dual-Wall Polyether Block Amide heat shrink tubing allows improvements to the current industry standard method of consolidating tubing layers. The outer layer will shrink and the inner layer will flow and bond into the braid adhering to the PTFE liner without the need of a process aide such as FEP. Our capabilities include application-specific custom formulations (color concentrates, radiopaque additives, conductive polymeric materials, reactive compounding, and adhesives) and polymer crosslinking. Whether you need tubing only or a complete integrated solution for your medical device, we have the engineering expertise, manufacturing capability and products to simplify your supply chain. Your medical device needs can be fulfilled all in-house, from one company, and we can customize our products to fit your requirements.