High Performance Interconnects (HPI)

Designed for Versatility

High performance interconnects offer vertical and horizontal (right angle) connector mounting for versatility, and the square-peg technology enables this product to mate with many other like products in the industry. The single-row and dual-row post headers are available in various colors to allow the customer to color code their systems. The single-row connectors range from 2-16 positions, while the dual-row connectors are available in 10, 20, 30, and 40 positions. The wire-to-board HPI connector system is available in 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm pitch.

New Locking HPI Connectors

Our locking HPI solution addresses the needs of low-profile applications that require a reliable, secure wire-to-board signal or low-power connection. A locking feature strengthens the mating connection between the plug assembly and the receptacle and provides an audible and tactile click feedback when mating. The lock helps alleviate accidental unmating from pulling.


Reliable, Secure Connection​

  • Locking feature strengthens mating connection between the plug assembly and the receptacle​
  • Available in 1.0mm, 1.25mm, 1.5mm, and 2.0mm centerlines
  • Audible and tactile click feedback when mating​
  • Helps alleviate accidental unmating from pulling​
  • Ideal solution to connect ancillary items such as a fan, motor, sensor, switch, display, light, or any other simple device​


Proven Performance & Reliability​

  • Can reach up to 3A power​
  • Gold plating options available to protect against erosion in harsh environment applications​


Cost Effective wire-to-board solution​

  • Our locking HPI solutions are among our most cost-effective solutions compared to many wire-to-board solutions


  1. Locking HPI Connectors (English)

Our 1.0mm centerline locking HPI solution features a locking capability that strengthens the mating connection between the plug assembly and the receptacle and provides an audible and tactile click feedback when mating.

Product Features

High Performance Interconnects (HPI)
  • High performance and high reliability
  • Square-peg style enables interchangeability with competitors
  • Header + COSI (crimp on snap in) connectors
  • Polarized
  • Positive latching with audible click feedback when mating
  • Different colors available for system color coding
  • AWG 30-24


Range of single row positions


Range of double row positions

Right Angle
The housing is mated parallel to the PCB
The housing is mated perpendicular to the PCB
Through Hole (DIP)
Attached to PCB by inserting PCB tines into the pre-drilled holes in the PCB and then soldered on the bottom side of the board.
Surface Mount (SMT)
Attached to the PCB by soldering process where PCB tines are soldered to the top of a PCB.
Square termination posts
This design is an industry standard that allows TE's products to be interchanged with other industry standard products.
Polarized connector
Ensures that PCB headers and cable side receptacle housings properly mate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What gauge wires (AWG) are available?
A: TE’s HPI product accepts 22-32 AWG discrete wire. Remember that the higher the AWG measurement number, the smaller the discrete wire. For example, 32 AWG is smaller than 22 AWG will likely have less current carrying capacity.


Q: Can HPI connectors transfer both signal or lower power throughout a device?
A: HPI products are simple interconnect solutions that can be used to transfer signal or lower power in multiple applications across many industries.




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