Motorman hybrid connector

Integration of connectivity

The fully configurable Motorman solution integrates communication, signal and power for real-time control at higher performance and half the size of current standards. The new cable crimped version alo allows installations for cabinet applications.

Decentral servo motors are widely used in many industries and are typically connected via a deterministic system and power-fed by a separate cable. The Motorman hybrid connector from TE integrates communication, signal and power transmission of locally controlled motors within a single compact rectangular connector. In addition, two fast Ethernet sockets enable motors to be networked, providing the benefit of real-time automation.

The innovative design and compact size of the Motorman hybrid connector allows for significant space savings in comparison with traditional rectangular industrial connectors. It also helps to keep costs to a minimum by reducing the amount of overall cabling needed as well as shortening cable length.


Reduction in Housing Size


Reduction in Cable



  1. Motorman Hybrid Connector (English)

The Motorman hybrid connector expands TE's Motion & Drives portfolio. This hybrid connectivity solution allows decentralized automation -- and can lead to a more efficient, energy-saving industrial production line. The connector combines signal, power and data in a compact, rectangular housing. The 3-in-1 design reduces housing size by up to 50%, which creates more flexibility and space in machine architecture. The same applies for the cables of which up to 50% can be saved. Cable length can be shortened by up to 70% as well. The hybrid connector complies with both Cat5e and IP65 standards.


  • Compact size of a traditional rectangular connector and hybrid construction (power, communication, signal)
  • Several pre-customized models available for different customer environments
  • Easy-to-open enclosure: safe configuration due to spacious side access to its interior
  • All signals are bundled in one interface which means only one cable for the customer
  • Offers space for two 4-pin Ethernet sockets, five power sockets, five signal sockets and one protection earth contact
  • Cat 5e (ISO/IEC11801) communication in heavy environment
  • Usage of TE's MCON interconnection system and its stamped contacts


  • I/O connector on decentral servo motors
  • I/O connector on AC servo motors with PCB
  • Drives (amplifiers)
  • Packaging, assembly, woodworking or food producing machine
  • Distributed inverters