Explosion Proof

Connectors for explosive gas environment

Connectors designed for extremely flammable environments. Offered in electrical configurations for low voltage and data applications.

With an increased requirement for connectors to operate in hazardous environments, many applications now require quick and safe disconnection of connectors to be used in these environments. The EX-MATE connector is suitable for a number of applications including topside Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO), drilling vessels or other potentially explosive environments as covered by the extensive qualification testing.

EX-MATE Connector

The EX-MATE connector is based around the SEACON SEA-MATE range and can be wet mated in depths of up to 50m in addition to its suitability for use in explosive environments. It is also available in 4 shell sizes (G, K, L, M) between 2 & 37 contact configurations. However like the SEA-MATE, this series has interchangeable inserts so can be adapted to a number of pin configurations. In addition, the EX-MATE connector incorporates an Atex approved glanding system for the cable which is encapsulated within the overmold, making it suitable for a range of hazardous environments.

EX-MATE Connector



  • Wet-pluggable in depths of up to 50m (subject to further testing)
  • Designed around existing SEA-MATE range
  • 4 shell sizes (G, K, L, M)
  • 2 to 37 contact configurations
  • Interchangeable inserts
  • Incorporates Atex approved glanding system
  • Testing achieved Atex certification to II 2G Ex d IIB T6 amb -40°C to + 55°C


The EX-MATE Connector is suitable for a number of applications including:

  • Topside FPSO
  • Drilling vessels