DEUTSCH Circular Mil Spec Connectors for Aerospace, Defense, Marine, Oil & Gas, and Autosport

Our DEUTSCH circular mil spec connectors continue to push the boundaries of technology and innovation, consistently driving the market forwards with new products that match the ever-increasing demands of lower weight, smaller size and better performance.

TE's DEUTSCH circular connectors drive innovation and safety in harsh interconnection spaces. TE’s DEUTSCH circular connectors are designed and manufactured to withstand conditions found in aerospace, military, nuclear, marine, oil and gas, and autosport. Global technology support and distribution are positioned to supply quality products for the right application almost anywhere in the world.

as hermetic fuel tank series
AS Hermetic Fuel Tank Series
as xtralite series
AS XtraLITE Series
as heavy duty series
AS Heavy Duty Series
as double density series
AS Double Density Series
DBAS Series
983 series
983 Series
emi/emp filter series
EMI /EMP Filter Series
afd series
MIL-DTL-26482 Standard Series II-qualified
9316 series
9316 Series
p6-md300 series
P6-MD300 Series
P18-SW400 Series
ofs series
OFS Optical Series