This type of product is engineered to protect connections from environmental conditions and prevent damage from strain, in a heat-resistant design that reduces internal space and application weight. Manufactured for reliable high performance in harsh environment applications, this product features a circular interface and housing that enables you to quickly and easily connect and disconnect signal, power, and optical circuits. It can connect and disconnect without the use of coupling tools such as torque wrenches. Available with multimate high current power contacts and subminiature coax contacts, it offers removable crimp contacts and replaceable coupling rings, which make repair easy with less downtime. This product eliminates the need for – and cost of – hand tools used to mate connect-disconnect polarized housings.

Circular Connector Accessories

In industrial machinery, it provides shielding and strain relief to prevent damage to connection points. In material handling equipment, this type of product maximizes contact density, while reducing space requirements for power and signal interconnections. In construction vehicles and agricultural equipment, it seals connections exposed to extreme temperature, vibration, and moisture. In rail systems, it resists shock and vibration while complying with IT IS EN45545 regulations for fire and smoke security. In railcars, public transit vehicles, and aircraft landing gear and engines, these connectors offer a reliable connection sealed against moisture and chemicals. In avionics, our rugged MIL-SPEC components deliver 10 Gbps data, in a small, high-density design that can withstand extreme vibration and temperatures. In airline infotainment systems, this connector offers a flexible, lightweight solution for connecting optical technology in space-saving designs. In HVAC systems and commercial lighting, it insulates and withstands UV exposure, increasing equipment lifecycle. With TE circular connector accessories, you can establish reliable connections efficiently.