MATE-AX miniaturized coax connector system

MATE-AX miniaturized coax connector system

TE's MATE-AX automotive coax connector system provides an EMI resistant and miniaturized interconnection solution for coax lines. A highly robust coax connector system for analog signal and digital data transport applications, it delivers superior data rate performance up to 9GHz and up to 20GHz with optimized designs. TE’s MATE-AX connector system provides advanced automotive coaxial technology for data transmission performance. By offering a higher packaging density, MATE-AX terminals support size and weight reduction which contributes to higher fuel efficiency.

Product Features

MATE-AX Miniaturized Coax Connector System

Miniaturized coaxial connector system for radio frequency (RF) signals with frequency rate performance up to 9GHz:

  • Supports existing cable types: automotive-grade coax cables similar to RTK-031 / RG-174
  • Sealed and unsealed options
  • Supports 9GHz and up to 20GHz bandwidth with optimized designs
  • Increased HF Performance (beyond FAKRA compliant connections)
  • Terminals fully protected
  • Reduced mating force / high pin count compatible
  • High retention force (min 75N)
  • High keying effectiveness (min 130N)
  • Proven seal design LV214 compliant
  • Standard terminal and connector design: scoop design, connector alignment over housing
  • Straight and angled version header/ housing /terminal
  • Terminals are designed for existing architecture
  • Uses greater bandwidth for higher data volumes
  • Diverse header portfolio offering for most automotive applications

Typical Applications

MATE-AX Miniaturized Coax Connector System
  • Antenna Connection
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • RADAR / LiDAR Applications
  • 360° surround view camera
  • V2X technologies