AMP+ High-Voltage Interconnection Systems for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

TE Connectivity’s (TE) broad high-voltage interconnection portfolio helps enable automotive OEMs and suppliers to flourish in the fast-changing electric mobility market while continuing the industry momentum to electrify the powertrain. Our products enable the electrical connections needed to safely, efficiently and reliably make sustainable emobility a reality. Our broad line of high voltage terminal and connector systems includes a complete range of interfaces required in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Key technology focus areas for our smart HV Interconnection Systems:

Shielding. Reduces electromagnetic interference on the data and power connections systems in the car.


Safety. TE’s touch-safe technology helps protect the person handling our high-voltage connectors. TE connectors are designed so users cannot touch current-carrying elements with their fingers.


Creepage and clearance distances. Greater distances between conductive materials lead to the possibility of higher voltage levels. TE engineers have designed systems that help enable the highest possible voltage levels while allowing for minimum packaging.



Features & Benefits

AMP+ High-Voltage Interconnection Systems
  • Touch-safe technology
  • Available in several positions
  • No tool required to unmate
  • Wide cable ranges
  • Sealed
  • Multiple coding options
  • HVIL: integrated, internal

Start Designing

Designing just got easier! Use the following link to access the product configurator to start designing connector systems such as the AMP+ HVA 630, AMP+ HVP 1100, and AMP+ IPT Shielded Ring Tongue series today.

The TE Product Configurator