AMP+ HP 800 Series High-Voltage Interconnection System, for High-Current Automotive Applications

TE Connectivity's AMP+ HV 800 series high-voltage interconnection system safely transports high currents and voltages through hybrid and electric vehicles. The robust design supports multiple wire harness assembly routing options.


Options rated for 650V, 850V and 1,000V


250-amp maximum current rating


IP rating: Mated: IP67, IP6K9K, Unmated: IP2xb

High-performance connectors that deliver high-currents and optimized sizing. TE’s AMP+ HVP 800 series high voltage interconnection system safely transports high currents and voltages from a battery to the inverter and e-motor with up to 250 continuous amps on 50 mm² wire. The watertight connectors provide a robust design that optimizes package size and plug and header selections to create multiple wire harness assembly routing options. The touch-proof 1- 2-, and 3-position connectors and headers are engineered with 90-degree and 180-degree plugs and feature an integrated internal HVIL function and EMI shielding. The HVP 800 series family features a wide temperature and wire range, as well as multiple keying options for use in many electric vehicle applications. Assembly is simplified with a lever assist for low insertion force.

Key Benefits:

  • Current carrying capability of up to 250 A continuous at 85° C (50 mm2)
  • Integrated HVIL shunted in plug
  • No tools necessary to unmate
  • Highly flexible:  1-, 2-, and 3-position connectors available in both 90° and 180° configurations
  • V0 flame resistant materials for header, HB for plug
  • Supports multiple conductor sizes:  16 (coming soon), 25, 35, and 50 mm2
  • Built-in CPA provides mating assurance
  • 360° shielding protects against electromagnetic interference
  • Fully protected against water or dust: IP67 and IP6K9K rating


  • AK 4.3.3, LV215-1, RoHS compliant
  • Wide wire range
  • 90° and 180° plugs
  • Touch-proof
  • No tool required to unmate
  • Integrated internal HVIL
  • 2- to 3-positions options
  • Multiple key options
  • Sealed
  • Powertrain


  • Battery
  • Inverter
  • E-motor
  • Powertrain


  • Terminal: 8 mm pin and socket
  • Wire range: 16 mm² to 50mm² discrete shielded wire
  • Latching Style: No tool required
  • HVIL: Integrated, internal


  • Voltage options: 650V, 850V, 1,000V
  • Current rating: Up to 250A
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 140°C
  • Shielding: 360° from wire to device
  • IP rating: Mated: IP67, IP6k9k, Unmated: IP2xb

Standards and Specifications

  • AK 4.3.3
  • LV215-1
  • RoHS
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Product Benefits

Pack to Pack – A Sustainable Connection: The connector is designed for efficient, sustainable battery power connections. The red and black levers make it easy to identify the positive and negative terminals on the battery pack. And thanks to the high ingress protection (IP), our connectors are fully protected against water or dust from entering the battery pack. The connector series has a rating of IP67 and IP6K9K.

Point to Point - Flexibility in Your Design: The connector gives you far more flexibility in your cable design and routing. It provides a point-to-point connection to your battery pack and will meet a range of design needs with both 90-degree and 180-degree connectors, as well as different lever orientations.

Power to power - Protection & Convenience: You can crimp 16 (coming soon), 25, 35, or 50 mm² cables with this connector. The busbar design offers safety and convenience. On the header, the design makes it easy to connect to the busbar inside of your power equipment. The optional shipping cap brings additional protection to the header terminal and prevents moisture from getting inside your power system.

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