A connector is a coupling device that joins electrical terminations to create an electrical circuit. Connectors enable contact between wires, cables, printed circuit boards, and electronic components. At TE Connectivity (TE), we design and manufacture an expansive portfolio of electrical connector types that are engineered to reliably transmit data, power, and signal in the harshest environments, under the most extreme use. Our different types of connectors are manufactured to reduce application size and power usage while enabling increased performance. Our audio and visual connectors offer enhanced board retention and EMI shielding. Our automotive connectors are built to withstand harsh conditions of highway and off-road transportation. Our card edge connectors and sockets support the current SDRAM and DDR memory generations and the new DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 as well as FBDIMM generations. Our LUMAWISE LED Holders offer a snap-in LED retention feature, which eliminates the need for soldering; it uses poke-in wire connections to provide the tool-less termination of solid, fused, and stranded wire. Across our portfolio of electrical connectors, we offer robust solutions for improving connectivity in critical systems.

From USB and RJ45 connectors to TE's DEUTSCH and AMP connectors,  we design and manufacture the connectivity solutions making possible a more connected world.

  • RJ45 Connectors: In computers, routers, and other communnications equipment, our RJ45 connectors terminate Ethernet cables to connect to a PCB in three ways: surface mount, through hole - press fit, and through hole - solder.
  • Wire-to-Board Connectors: In home appliances, our PCB terminals fasten a wire to a board without solder, allowing quick replacement or repair. Our LCEDI connectors provide low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) and embedded DisplayPort (eDP).
  • High-Voltage Connectors: When used in electric vehicles, these connectors transmit high-voltage power from the battery to the powertrain or electric motor, while miniature connectors reliably transmit signals. 
  • D-Shaped Connectors: In factories and industrial environments, these connectors automate and integrate production across sophisticated systems and prevent interruptions in operation process communication.
  • Lighting Connectors: In intelligent buildings and the connected home, these connectors integrate communications and security systems, HVAC controls, and power transmission.
  • DEUTSCH DMC-M Series Connectors: In commercial aircraft, connectors enable critical flows for high-speed internet access, in-flight entertainment technology, and navigation, landing, and flight systems. 

STRADA WHISPER Backplane Connectors

BLINDING SPEEDS — TE's STRADA Whisper backplane family was designed with your end customer’s need for high-performing, high-bandwidth systems in mind. Its revolutionary design transfers data at blinding speeds of 56 Gbps and offers unparalleled scalability up to 112 Gbps — allowing you to achieve efficient future system upgrades without costly backplane or midplane redesigns. Our STRADA Whisper product family operates with extremely low noise, low insertion loss and little to no skew—all of which provide system architects with design flexibility and high design margin. Specific versions are available for 100-Ohm and 85-Ohm applications so you don’t have to compromise on total system impedance design. Mechanically, TE's STRADA Whisper connector family mirrors most high-speed backplane connectors in the market for easy implementation. It differentiates itself through folded signal pins surrounded by strong, protective C-shaped shields, which make the product family one of the most robust offerings in the market. Additionally, the connector footprint keeps crosstalk down and the overall connector design uses latest eye-of-needle (EON) technology.

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