AMPLIVAR terminals and splices

AMPLIVAR reduces complexity and simplifies processes

AMPLIVAR terminals and splices are specially designed for copper (Cu) and/or aluminum (Al) magnet wire. Terminals are insulation displacing; so, magnet wires do not require a separate prestripping operation. A unique wire barrel design, with serrations and burrs, produces a superior metal-to-metal compression crimp with excellent tensile strength. Various splices are offered, including an innovative 2D crimp version, along with ring tongue and FASTON quick-connect terminals. In addition, Cu or Al magnet wire, or a combination of both, can be terminated. With new application tooling, AMPLIVAR splices can be bussed together to splice four or more magnet wires in nearly infinite combinations.


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AMPLIVAR Terminals and Splices

Product Features
  • Up to three magnet wires plus a lead wire in the same crimp
  • Bussed splices support splicing of four or more magnet wires
  • Available in 5, 7, and 9 serration versions as well as miniature and subminiature designs for terminations in the 400 to 1600 CMA range
  • Penetrates the magnet wire insulation while simultaneously terminating wire (no need to pre-strip)
  • Cu and Al magnet wire can be combined
  • Provides a superior electrical connection free of contaminants such as stripper residue and solder flux
  • Innovative new 2D crimp option accommodates many wires sizes (600-7000 CMA), reducing design in, procurement, inventory and production costs


Amplivar Terminals
Amplivar Terminals
Amplivar Splices
Amplivar Splices


Innovative Solution For Magnet Wire Termination
  • Uses only one splice across a broad range of wire sizes (600-7000 CMA) resulting in the reduction of part numbers and applicators needed
  • Eliminates soldering or welding processes providing applied costs savings through improving operating efficiency
  • Can be used with Cu or Al magnet wires (3 magnet wires max.)
  • Pre-stripping of wires is not needed - saving time and reducing waste
  • 2D technology allows for automation of the magnet wire termination process which offers a reliable and stable manufacturing process with consistent quality results

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the complete wire range that can be used with 2D AMPLIVAR splices?

A: 2D crimp technology enables the use of only one splice across a broad range (600-7000 CMA) of wire sizes resulting in the reduction of part numbers and applicators needed, reducing inventory and manufacturing processes.


Q: How many versions of the 2D AMPLIVAR splice are there currently?

A: There are currently two versions of the 2D AMPLIVAR splice - pigtail and thru splice


Q: Can Aluminum (Al) wire be crimped with the 2D AMPLIVAR splice products?

A: Yes, both Copper (Cu) and Aluminum (Al) wire magnet wire can be crimped


Q: Can current tooling be upgraded to use 2D AMPLIVAR splice?

A: Yes, if you are currently using an APT 5 machine then you can upgrade by purchasing an anvil and crimper to use 2D AMPLIVAR splices

Combination Terminals

AMPLIVAR Splice and FASTON Quick Connect Receptacle

TE combines two of its products to help with fast compact termination, AMPLIVAR splices with FASTON quick connects. This combination will benefit in removing the necessity for a separate stranded wire terminal connection to input/output devices as well as lead wire and soldering.

  • Higher quality based on high termination rates
  • Crimping capability on three magnet wires collectively
  • Eliminates cold solder points and weld burns
  • Efficiency of production increased

Select Applications


Anti-lock brakes


Computer disk drives

Electric Motors

Electrical utility meters

Fuel pumps

Garage door openers

Power tools