Fast and Efficient AMPLIVAR Product Termination

Our APT 5A and APT 5E terminators are engineered to crimp Magnet Wire and Pigtail AMPLIVAR Splices (up to three wires in one splice) and Direct Connect AMPLIVAR Contact Terminals. These machines offer a fast, efficient system with no need to strip magnet wire insulation. Simply place the wires in the target area and depress the foot switch. The machine automatically shears the AMPLIVAR Splice or AMPLIVAR Direct Connect contact from the strip, crimps it, shears off excess wire, and advances the next splice or contact into position.


Crimps up to three wires in one splice


The APT 5A can store up to 2,000 programmable sequences of seven different settings each.


Maximum time in seconds to auto-adjust between programmed crimp heights.


  • CE approved (Out of scope RoHS)
  • No need to strip magnet wire insulation
  • Optional wire stuffer 
  • Optional Infinite Splice


Basic Machine
  • Features a large manual crimp height adjustment knob that helps provide quicker changeover and tool change adjustments.


Enhanced Control
  • Automatic crimp height adjustment is controlled by the Crimp Quality Monitor (CQM II). Using CQM II, the APT 5A provides 100% inspection and automatic adjustment of crimp height. If a questionable crimp is detected, visual and audible alarms alert the operator.
  • Visual alarms alert the operator of out-of-spec crimps.
  • Programmable sequencing of different crimp-height settings.
  • USB output for networking or exporting process control and crimp quality traceability data.
  1. AMPLIVAR Product Terminators (APT) - Models APT 5E & APT 5A

Discover all the benefits of our AMPLIVAR Product Terminators (APT) with optional Infinite Splice or Wire Stuffer.


  • Wire Stuffer (Part #2161635-1)
    Provides feed from a magnet wire reel to increase the CMA of a crimp, allowing the CMA range of a given terminal to be extended to process smaller wire combinations by adding a filler wire. This lets a number of crimps to all be done with one terminal PN, which ordinarily would have to be split between two terminals to handle the CMA range. 
  • Infinite Splice
    Provides a toggle switch for the splice cut-off shear. This enables ganging of multiple splices in almost infinite combinations. With Infinite Splice, more than three magnet wires can be connected by bussing multiple splices together through the terminal carrier strip. Each crimp can have up to three magnet wires. 
  • Infinite Splice Retrofit Kit
    Available for the APT 5A and 5E models. 

Ordering Information

P/N Description
x-2161800-x  APT 5A Terminator (AMPLIVAR SPLICES)
x-2161900-x APT 5E Terminator (AMPLIVAR SPLICES)
x-2161850-x  APT 5A Terminator (Direct Connect Terminals)
x-2161950-x  APT 5E Terminator (Direct Connect Terminals)
1-2326135-0  APT 5A Infinite Splice Terminator (TE Terminal 62304)
1-2326135-2  APT 5A Infinite Splice Terminator (TE Terminal 62306)
1-2326135-5  APT 5A Infinite Splice Terminator (TE Terminal 62308)
1-2326145-0  APT 5E Infinite Splice Terminator (TE Terminal 62304)
1-2326145-2  APT 5E Infinite Splice Terminator (TE Terminal 62306)
1-2326145-5  APT 5E Infinite Splice Terminator (TE Terminal 62308)
1-2326143-0 Retrofit kit (TE Terminal 62306)
1-2326143-2 Retrofit kit (TE Terminal 62304)
1-2326143-5 5 Retrofit kit (TE Terminal 62308)

*Multiple configurations are available. See chart on page three of the downloadable brochure (above) for the complete offering.