RBK-X1 Heat Shrink Machine

Reliable, Efficient Production

The RBK-X1 processor is a semi-automatic unit designed specifically for sealing wire bundles, splice terminals and ring terminals. The machine features long life heating elements, operator key lock/password protection levels and individual selections for installation times, temperature and product size information. It also offers a highly reliable PLC control, short machine depth to accommodate a larger front working area, low profile and sequence processing.


Modes of Operation


Maximum Tubing Length


Maximum Tubing Diameter


Multiple Operation Modes
  • Stand-alone – operator sets time and temperature
  • Sequenced – preset times and temperatures can be sequenced automatically (and can also be randomly selected from sequence stored)
  • Communication with upstream ultrasonic welder – can allow time and temperature to be automatically set without operator intervention
  1. Heat Shrink Overview Video (English)

This informational video provides an overview of the complete lineup of heat shrink tubing processing machines available from the Application Tooling division of TE Connectivity

Tubing Dimensions

Diameter and Length
  • Tubing diameter: Up to 19 mm (max)
  • Tubing length: Up to 70 mm (max)


  • Wire bundles
  • Splice terminals
  • Ring terminals