FFC Cable Terminator

Ease of use and flexibility at a touch

Our FFC termination machine is an electrical-driven, semi-automatic assembly machine that uses different die sets to terminate reel-feed FFC contacts to manually supplied FFC cables. The machine terminates a predefined number of contacts to the supplied cable end and individual wire positions can be skipped during the assembly sequence. FFC termination provides quick change, interchangeable applicators for different products, along with an operator-friendly touch screen capability.


For FFC Contacts and FFC Cables
  • Crimping force 15kN
  • Press stroke 40mm (1.56")
  • Weight 100 kg
  • Reel diameter 610mm; 24"
  • Power supply 220/240 V, 50Hz
  • Crimping rate approx. 3 contacts/sec
  • Dimensions with reel
    HxWxD [mm] = 1200 x 1200 x 600
  • Programs pitches from 1.27mm - 5.08mm
  • Pin number can be programmed and cable alignment effected in the machine 
  • Individual wire positions can be skipped
  • Processable widths depend on number of connector positions and foil contour
  • Possible number of crimps: Pitch 5.08mm = 18 crimps; Pitch 2.54mm = 37 crimps; Pitch 1.27mm = 74 crimps
  • Other pitches upon request
  1. Flat Flexible Cable Terminator Video (English)

This quick, informative video details the many features available on the TE Connectivity Flat Flexible Terminator (FFC)

Model W350 Waffle Iron Infrared Heater

Products Applied
  • CTM splice modules for flat conductor cable
  • CTM transitions for splicing flat conductor cable to round wire 
  • MTC50 and MTC100 connector wafers for flat conductor cable