Engineered for Higher Voltage Applications

As one of the quietest terminating machines on the market, the Model G II+ is designed to process larger diameter wire sizes up to 16mm² (5.5 AWG). It's also built to deliver greater control, precision and ease of use for the operator with improved access and lighting in the under cabinet and target areas. The variable-speed option on our terminating machine provides the operator with more flexibility for challenging applications that require slower ram and feed speeds. Setup is fast and easy thanks to the machine's tool-less changeover capability, and improved guarding provides open access for quick and smooth installation of both end-feed and side-feed applicator styles. Plus, the G II+ terminating machine meets applicable CE and domestic safety requirements.


10,000 lb. max crimp force


Modes of operation


Processes wire sizes up to 16mm² (5.5 AWG)


Advanced Design, Brushless Motor
  • Able to process larger diameter wire sizes used for some high-voltage cable assemblies
  • Improved lighting
  • Tool-less changeover of applicators
  • Precision manual crimp height adjustment
  • Total and batch counter
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Split-cycle operation
  • Process wire sizes up to 16MM2 (5.5 AWG)
  • Fast applicator changeover and easy adjustments
  1. Model GII+ Benchtop Terminator (English)

The Model GII+ combines all the features of the popular GII line with the power to handle larger diameter wire sizes used for some high-voltage cable assemblies.

Model G II+ Terminator

Precision Matters

All Model G II+ Terminators include precision adjustment for crimp height— an important feature, which, in combination with the optional CQM II, enables repeatable, tight crimp tolerances required by today’s demands for higher levels of quality. By simply resetting a dial, the operator can adjust crimp height in 0.013mm [.0005”] increments over a 0.457mm [.018”] range.

Crimp Quality Monitor (CQM II)

Complete Control

The user-friendly Crimp Quality II (CQM II) control panel includes simple button controls for motor powering on and off; adjusting the ram speed; jogging the motor forward or in reverse; switching to split-cycle operation; work lighting; air feed; and batch counter reset. For improved quality, the controls also detect and report errors in the machine and stop cycling when a bad crimp is detected by the CQM II.

G II + Ordering Information
G II + Ordering Information


(without terminal reel and reel support)

Height Depth Width Weight
520.7mm [20.5”]  635.2mm [25”]  624.3mm [24.5”]  Approx. 116 kg [255 lb]


Customer Manual 409-32035
Capacity 4537 kg [10,000 lb] maximum crimp force
Air Pneumatic 620-760 kPa [90-100 psi] for models w/air-feed applicators (Please refer to application logs for specific air requirements)
Electrical 208-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase current. Operating current is 5 amps