sensors for medical pumps



Infusion pumps, hemodialysis and blood flow monitoring applications are all vital technologies for surviving certain medical conditions such as chronic pain or diabetes.

The human body and the medical devices that support it rely on liquids to flow continuously without interruption via medical pump systems. Medical pump systems offer superior reliability over manual fluid administration as they are able to deliver a programmed dose at automated-intervals reducing the possibility for human error. Dialysis machines, infusion pumps, insulin pumps and syringes are at the forefront of medical pump therapies to intravenously deliver nutrients, medications and pain relievers directly into a patient’s blood stream. The majority of pumps are stationed at a patient’s bedside while others are designed to be portable or even wearable, increasing patient comfort and convenience. Should pump failures occur, they could have detrimental implications for patient safety, therefore smart pumps have been designed to alert users when there is an air bubble or blockage preventing fluids from reaching the patient. Smart pumps provide better clinical data for medical professionals through the use of sensors. 

sensors for dialysis pump
sensors for infusion pump
sensors for insulin pump
sensors for syringes

Sensors are integrated to confirm the continuous flow, detect occlusion, externally detect bubbles in lines, and measure liquid levels in medical pumps. These robust sensors are needed to provide precise performance and reliability to deliver confidence and trust in system performance. We offer force, pressure, position, temperature and ultrasonic sensing technologies for reliable operation and detection of a wide range of medical diagnostic and treatment applications. Our medical pump sensors are suited for demanding environments and offer high accuracy and fast response time. With decades of industry experience and customization capabilities, we are a leader in the medical industry, creating a safer, sustainable, productive and connected future.



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