From home healthcare practices to in-person medical facilities, the medical industry continues to evolve introducing new requirements for medical equipment used to diagnose, monitor, and treat patients.

Sensors are at the center of the connected healthcare ecosystem. They enable the collection of accurate data which allows medical professionals and patients access to vital information regarding the patient’s ongoing condition. This is especially true in medical applications where vital sign monitoring tools, medical pump equipment, respiratory devices and minimally invasive technologies are present. These applications have evolved and been influenced by the progression of the Internet of Things (IoT) adding to the more connected healthcare ecosystem that exists today.


Sensors for Medical Ventilators

The use of sensor technologies within these connected medical applications helps reduce costs, improve outcomes and manage patient conditions with data driven information which aids in enhancing patient experiences with value-based care.  Additionally, these sensor technologies not only can monitor medical equipment and tools but can also physically monitor the internal workings of the patient during medical procedures. Therefore, there are many requirements these sensors must meet to perform within a medical application in today’s healthcare environment. Some of these considerations include durable packaging to withstand harsh medical conditions, ultra-compact packaging for applications where space is a concern, digital signal processing to enhance intelligent sensing, low power requirements and multi-sensor integration to capture multiple types of measurement. With the integration of these technologies into medical sensor design, sensors are becoming more embedded into various applications in our lives. The data collected by sensors can help medical professionals understand critical situations faster and more accurately while enabling patients to be more informed about their conditions and improvements. From non-invasive blood pressure monitoring to home ventilator portable units, sensors are providing localized data and information to the cloud to better serve patients, medical professionals, and the medical industry.


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