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Sensors for Robotics Automation and Control

Learn how TE Connectivity (TE) sensors are used in industrial robotic automation applications for precise and efficient operations.

Delivering Efficiency to the Factory Floor

With the drive towards Industry 4.0 trends, the use of robotic, automation and control systems on the factory floor have become commonplace to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability. As the need for industrial robotic automation advances, sensing technology will continue to be the foundation for data collection that will help transform manufacturing floors into connected, cost effective, and reliable facilities. TE Connectivity (TE) offers numerous force, temperature, pressure and position sensors that provide highly accurate measurements for precise movement control and accurate monitoring of system components for preventative maintenance.

TE offers high performance force sensors for measuring robotic automation and control operations suited for both low and high force environments. Due to our proprietary Microfused design, our force sensors provide long lifecycle expectancy, flexibility and durability in low cost packages. For factory safety, load cell force technology can be built into floor mats to determine if a human is too close to dangerous factory equipment. Measuring reaction torque and rotating torque is also needed within industrial robotic applications. Our torque meters, complete with integral mechanical stops, increase overload capacity and provide additional protection during mounting and operation. We offer a variety of small capacity sensors for dynamic and reaction torque measurements. Additionally, our combination sensors simultaneously measure reaction torques and forces with a single device; these sensors can also detect angle position and provide velocity measurement.

Temperature sensors are critical to maintaining the health of industrial robotic automation and control equipment. Compact discrete NTC thermistor sensors offer highly precise measurements and long-term stability which would monitor the surface temperature of industrial equipment. Additionally, digital temperature sensors are designed to be highly precise and provide robotic control and temperature optimization where space constraints exist. 

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With customizable design options and advanced manufacturing techniques, TE creates reliable sensing solutions for general industrial applications including robotic automation and control. TE's sensors can be used for hydraulic and pneumatic controls to accurately measure pressure in robotic systems.  TE's pressure transducers can be packaged for use in hazardous locations, featuring a portfolio of products with various global certifications. In addition, our board mountable pressure sensors and media isolated pressure sensors offer analog or digital output signals for embedded designs and OEM applications.

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Position sensors play a key role in many industrial robotics automation applications. Since there is a high probability of a sensor being exposed to oil, dirt and dust in this type of application, TE's KMXP position sensor is a good option due to it's ability to perform well within harsh environments. With its magnetoresistive technology and multiple form factors, the KMXP sensor provides excellent precision and reliable, accurate measurements in extreme environments including high temperatures.

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