Sensors for Collaborative Robots

Sensors are important for safe human to robot interactions as they collect data that enables successful and safe operation which allows an increase in efficiency, productivity, and safety. Learn more about which sensors are used in robotic applications.

Sensors are critical for the monitoring and control of industrial and medical robots and robotic systems. Sensors are utilized in several areas to help monitor and control the movement of the robot as well as to monitor the surrounding environment and key operational parameters to help ensure efficient, productive, and safe operation of the robot. With the evolution of robotic technologies and trends, the use of sensors to support these robots has proliferated as sensors help to increase the efficiency, productivity, and safety of these robots.  As robotic technology and automation continue to advance, sensors will continue to be the basis for the critical data needed for these systems. Sensors are used in robotics for accurate monitoring of system components to help facilitate predictive and preventative maintenance, as well as, enabling the safe and efficient operation of robots.  Sensors from TE Connectivity can be found for a variety of robotic use but the three key applications are surgical robots, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) as well as industrial robots, and collaborative robots known as cobots.  Major sensor technologies that are used to address these markets and applications include torque, force, optical, position, and temperature.

human and cobot interacting
robot in industrial production line
robot operating on human
robot hand handling



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