Roofline Solutions


Rail Roofline Solutions

Keep your focus on increasing safety, brand recognition and reducing costs. We focus on the inter-operability and flawless integration of the various high voltage components that form the roofline system. Learn how TE can be your partner for everything between the pantograph to transformer.

Efficiency will drive the future of public transportation

The constant growth of urban centers increases commute and travel times. This results in an increased need for more efficiently engineered railway solutions. The roofline system is a complementary combination of high voltage components that are typically required for installation between the pantograph and the transformer as well as between cars within the Rail industry. We partner up with you in system solutions, service solutions and component supply. By creating a One-stop shop solution customers can keep the focus on increasing safety, brand recognition and reducing costs.

Rail Roofline system solutions

Focus on optimizing the interaction and inter operability of your various high voltage components.  

High voltage components which are not working as a system bring a lot of disadvantages you don’t want to come across. Instead of the above you want to focus on reducing safety risks, brand damage, downtime and saving costs.

To ensure an optimized performance of the high voltage components together TE offers system solutions to focus on the working of the system and not only on components.


To provide fully integrated solutions, highly skilled TE engineers develop solutions with customer development teams during design in and offer consultancy from product development to end of life. Our development engineers have in-dept system knowledge and know all about interaction of various high voltage components. Thanks to our Global footprint we offer worldwide coverage with fully equipped TE manufacturing plants in Poland, India and China including 100% high voltage testing (in Faraday cages). Verification testing takes place in our Inhouse High Voltage lab (Swindon). Thanks to the many years of experience in the Rail industry, the history and reputation makes us a stable partner you can rely on.


As a full solution partner TE offers specific services around roofline system projects. We partner up with you with the following:

  • Risk analysis of new and existing HV systems.
  • Theoretical and practical verification.
  • Customizing during first deliveries of HV projects.
  • System expert for installing projects.
  • Educate your internal experts.
  • Inhouse training of your employees  for HV manufacturing.
  • On site partial discharge testing .

Your Advantages

  • Inter operability of components is guaranteed which reduces safety risks, brand damage and costs
  • With our global footprint we offer a worldwide coverage 
  • With our experience, reputation and history in the RAIL industry we are a stable partner you can rely on

How do we work

  • Highly skilled development engineers
  • System knowledge and interaction of various HV components
  • Inhouse High Voltage lab (Swindon) Testing
  • Fully equipped manufacturing plants in Poland, India and China including 100% HV testing
  1. High Voltage Challenges to Innovate in the Rail Industry

Gain an understanding from TE’s expert on high voltage roofline behavior