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Diagnostic and Therapeutic

TE designs and manufactures the therapeutic system interconnects to your specifications for your medical device product. Allow TE to utilize our expertise in molding, cable and interconnect design to provide custom solutions for your patient monitoring device.

TE manufactures several patient cable platforms exclusively for medical device OEMs of cardiology and patient monitoring equipment. We design both custom and standard solutions to address medical device OEMs' needs in areas such as electrocardiography, blood pressure and oximetry equipment. TE has provided components and assemblies for therapeutic device manufacturers across the world. We have taken our decades of experience in mission-critical interconnect solutions and developed extremely reliable cable assemblies that many medical device OEMs choose to rely upon for some of their customer's most critical needs. From connectors to lead wires, TE provides the cable assemblies built to your specifications for monitoring vital patient information. Our therapeutic cable assembly components are designed to meet the requirements for use in hospitals and in the field. Look for continued innovation in patient monitoring cable platforms from TE in the near future. 

Mold Technology

Whether your design requires delicately molding over a PCBA or molding a simple component, we can provide material selections that meet any sterilization, performance, or regulatory requirements while still maintaining the desired look and feel of the product.  

Wire and Cable

TE provides custom-designed cables to meet the performance, safety and reliability requirements of your medical device, including low noise, high performance coax, fine wire, and high energy. 

High Precision Interconnects

Work with our design team to develop a custom, fully-integrated connector solution or choose from our extensive portfolio of reusable and single-use connectors. We provide connector designs for high energy applications as well as low profile connectors for tighter spaces. 

Cable Assembly

With facilities throughout the world, TE can provide assemblies from the region that best fits your business. Each of our manufacturing facilities has an experienced staff of operators and technicians to ensure your product is assembled with quality and consistency. 

Defibrilator Cable
Defibrilator Cable


TE performs electrical, mechanical, and environmental testing in our in-house labs, including tests for various sterilization methods, flex testing, EC53 noise test, mate/demate, pull testing and dielectric withstand. 


  • Engineering expertise, innovation, and quality
  • Customized solutions to solve your unique challenges
  • Global reach and responsiveness
  • Large-scale production capacity and flexibility to manage high-volume and product mixes
  • Able to manufacture finished molded assemblies and subassemblies, or make just the electronic components to support your medical applications