Medical Balloons

Medical Balloons

Our in-house engineering expertise, balloon tubing capabilities and materials science knowledge enable us to develop high-quality medical balloons for our customers.

Take your product from concept to reality in the shortest time possible by leveraging TE's extensive inventory of balloon molds, in-house tool fabrication, state-of-the-art processing equipment and engineering expertise. Our engineers collaborate closely with customers to design and manufacture complete custom medical balloon solutions that meet exact product and performance specifications—in applications for structural heart, neurovascular, GI, ENT, and more. 

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Balloon Capabilities

  • Non-Compliant Types
    • Materials: Polyamide, Polyether Block Amide [PEBA], PET, EVA
    • Sizes: 1.5 mm - 55 mm diameters; lengths 8 mm - 250 mm
  • Semi-Compliant Types
    • Materials: Low/high-durometer polyurethane
    • Sizes: 1.5mm up to 20+mm diameters; lengths 8mm-250mm

Seamless, in-house catheter manufacturing and assembly services.  TE currently manufactures bulk non-sterile and finished/packaged balloon catheters for some of the world’s largest OEMs and fastest growing companies.



  • Anchoring and positioning
  • Aspiration
  • Dilation and delivery, 0.014”, 0.018”and 0.035” balloon catheter systems
  • Drug delivery
  • Occlusion and sizing
  • Stent and stent graft delivery
  • Valve sizing, anchoring and delivery
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