indoor lighting


Indoor Lighting Solutions

LEDs provide brighter, longer lasting, and lower-power solutions for continuous lighting. But only if delivered and protected properly. Whether you are creating a new lighting system or enhancing an existing design, we can help you bring your designs to light.


Across the globe governments and consumers are working hard to reduce the amount of power used to illuminate our homes and workplaces. LED lighting is a solid solution to those challenges. Not only are LED’s brighter and longer lasting, they are more energy efficient than traditional light sources. Learn more how we can help manufacturers of LED lighting design economical, easy to manufacture and easy-to-install solutions that deliver energy-efficient illumination in smaller, longer lasting and more efficient designs.

TE’s fixture connect solutions are engineered for improved manufacturability and faster time to market. Our low-profile, easy-install connectors, terminations, and power line filters save time and integrate into new or existing LED fixtures.

Our interconnect solutions help integrate light engines into todays' modern indoor LED lighting systems. We offer low-profile interconnects, in surface mount and through-hole board mount configurations as well as panel mount and free hanging wire to wire versions that are designed to enable faster and more efficient connections.

We offer a broad selection of user-friendly interconnects designed to reliably connect to your driver with wire-to-wire or wire-to-board options, our interconnects deliver design flexibility and ease of use.