Solderless termination of Chip-on-Board (CoB) LEDs

An LED holder is a circular receptacle or socket that enables a Chip-on-Board (CoB) LED to be mechanically secured, electrically connected and pressed to a heatsink. Our LUMAWISE LED holders remove the need to solder allowing the LED to be directly attached to a heatsink using a 2* M3 screws at a standardized screw-pitch. In addition, they always have an optics landing zone at the same distance from the secondary optics.

What do LED holders do?

An LED holder has four important functions:

  1. It holds the Chip-on-Board (CoB) LED while mounting to the heatsink
  2. It pushes the CoB LED to the heatsink after the holder is screwed to the heatsink
  3. It makes electrical contact to the CoB LED to enable easy wire connection
  4. It provides an isolated landing zone for secundary optics such as reflectors and lenses

Technical Features


  • Current: 3A (typical - see product specification per part number) 
  • Voltage: 60V DC (typical - see product specification per part number)


  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to 105°C
  • Utilize a screw size of #4 or M3 for attachment 
  • Poke-in style electrical contacts supporting 18-22 AWG (0.35 - 0.75mm2 ) solid, fused and stranded wire
  • Enable compliancy to Zhaga book 3 standard


  • Halogen free highly reflective PBT
  • Copper alloy contact with gold plating (typical - see product specification per part number)


Our LUMAWISE Type Z LED holders provide a quick and easy solderless connection to CoB LED arrays and are designed to enable customers to develop Zhaga compliant modules. Standard and low profile Type Z50 LED holders feature snap-in LED retention that secures the LED in the holder during assembly and ensures proper positioning in the fixture. Offered with or without optics attachment features, the Type Z LED holders are available in a configuration to suit your needs. The optics attachment version functions with LEDiL optics to provide the lighting designer with beam shaping flexibility in spot and downlight applications.

  1. LUMAWISE LED holders

Alexander Hunt III, Product Manager for TE Connectivity solid state lighting discusses solderless termination of LED arrays. See how TE makes connectivity easy by enabling adoption and development of solid state lighting that incorporates LED arrays.

Offering higher level of integration via a solderless connection to array and chip-on-board (COB) LEDs, our LUMAWISE LED holders mechanically secure and electrically connect the LED to a luminaire without the need to solder. Sockets allow the LED to be directly attached to a PCB or heat sink using a few standard screws. We provide a broad range of solderless LED holders that provide fixture designers an easier way to integrate LEDs into their designs.  The scalable, Type Z and custom holder platforms each offer the designer a unique suite of features and benefits. Our LED holders form the core of the fixture ecosystem by integrating LED electrical, mechanical, thermal, and optical interconnectivity.  These holders can accelerate time to market, minimize applied costs, facilitate easy integration, and improve assembly efficiency when compared to traditional methods of LED integration.


  • Spot Lights
  • Downlights
  • Track Lights
  • Street Lights
  • General Lighting


We are a participating member of the Zhaga Consortium, an industry-wide cooperation enabling the interchangeability of LED light sources and simplifying LED applications for general lighting. TE partners with the leading LED and optics manufacturers in the industry to bring you connectivity solutions for your specific choice of LED array.

Frequently Asked Questions

What LED holder do I need for my CoB LED?
Please see application specification 114-32208


How far is the optic away from the Light Emitting Surface (LES) off the LED?
All our LED holders have a landing zone for optics, this is 3.5mm from the heatsink. To measure the distance from the LES is then 3.5 mm minus the height of the LED LES.


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