Keep the power on with reliable & durable innovations for distribution power networks.

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Reliable Power Transmission

Your overhead power grid is essential for serving electricity to millions of people and businesses across thousands of miles and kilometers and under any types of extreme weather conditions. You can count on us to help you connect and protect it against external threats. We have been supporting utilities for 60+ years, designing solutions and innovating with new technologies, to ensure the continuity of power and minimizing the risk of unplanned outages. Our solutions are field-proven to harsh environments and can be customized to your requirements if the solution isn’t in our portfolio.


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Your Challenge: Fault Location

Monitoring miles of overhead lines is a challenge for any distribution network owner. Disruptions to the grid caused by aging infrastructure, extreme weather events, wildlife interaction or fallen conductors can cause power interruptions with high fault currents. These unplanned outages must be resolved promptly to minimize the impact on consumers – but locating a fault often costs time and money.

Smart Grid Solutions

Through our recent acquisition of Kries, an established pioneer in smart grid systems, we now offer fault current indicators which can be easily installed at strategic points throughout your grid. In the event of a short circuit, the IKI-Overhead (IKI-OH) fault indicator sends an optical LED signal so grid operators can easily locate, repair and restore power to the grid. We also provide a combination of communicating versions, the IKI-OH-Butler and IKI-OH-Radio, which allow remote reporting to a distribution control center. Our solutions help you to efficiently reduce unplanned power interruptions, thus improving grid reliability and resiliency.

One Connectivity Partner

From transmission to distribution to urban networks – we are your one source for a breadth of connectivity, insulation, protection, monitoring and installation training needs. Our products are trusted the world over for ‘install and forget’ reliability and are based on decades of experience in working with utilities around the globe. Our portfolio includes trusted brands including Raychem cable accessories, AMP connectors and Kries smart grid systems.

Portfolio Highlights

Discover our product offering for your overhead lines and get an overview of where they fit.


Our TE experts and network of authorized distributors can support you wherever you are located to help you select the most suitable solutions for your power supply.


Collaborate with our engineering team to create a custom solution. Our research and development teams have years of experience and thousands of patents, which can be leveraged for your needs.


We test custom solutions in our labs to ensure the highest performance and reliability.


We provide tailored installation training courses, and competency assessments for installers, trainers and supervisors.

Wildlife & Asset Protection

Outages and fire risks can be reduced with effective insulation of high risk elements of the overhead lines. We insulated millions of miles and kilometers of bare conductor in distribution lines around the world. Our raptor covers, fuse cut out covers, re-closer and distribution covers protect pole mounted equipment from accidental and momentary contact from nesting and perching birds and storm debris. Most can be installed on energized equipment and are available in seamless one-piece designs for complete wildlife and vegetation management.

Our Raychem portfolio includes systems of tubes, tapes, sheets, pre-formed covers and barriers. We offer cost-effective and easy-to-install solutions to bird, animal and weather related outages. Our line and conductor covers also protect the overhead lines against vegetation clashing, preventing wildfires and bushfires from starting.

Connection & Mounting

Our AMPACT connectors utilize Wedge Pressure Technology to help you overcome the physical and electrical limitations imposed by traditional compression or bolted connectors. Our Insulation Piercing Connectors integrate a shear head that will break when the right torque is applied to ensure a reliable electrical connection without damaging the cable.

Insulators & Arresters

Our portfolio of insulators and surge arresters offer a wide range of polymeric, porcelain and hybrid insulators. They are field-proven to protect your installation in many applications against weather-related outages.

Cable Accessories Solutions

Our Raychem heat shrink and cold shrink terminations handle long-term electrical stress. Easy to install with high-reliability thanks to our material science.