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Learn more about how TE's innovative solutions for servo drive technology is continuing to meet your customers' growing requirements.

Every Step of the Way

The rising levels of automation and decentralization of industrial production present major challenges. Now more than ever, automation solutions need to impress with their profitability — through longer operation windows, optimized energy efficiency, and lower costs. The digital technologies of today are key to enhancing the factories of tomorrow, and these next-generation plants continue to move to the forefront of technological development and integration of the network. We have been aligned with the trend towards digital transformation and Industry 4.0 every step of the way. Our manufactured connectors and sensors have long been enabling increased connectivity, communication, and innovation towards factory digitization and automation. We have long been partnering with customers to understand their requirements and how we can enable future solutions, and we are excited to connect and join you in this journey of creating the factories of future.

Motion and Drive application video

Motion and Drive application video

As the capabilities of industrial machinery and robotics grow ever more advanced, the dependency on production equipment is growing at a rapid rate. These innovations are requiring higher energy efficiency and power density that can help create clean energy and high performance equipment. The need for higher reliability and smart power management is critical in these applications. TE's components for power management can both meet your design requirements and help provide the answers for both you and your customers - read more below to see how.

As the requirements for engineers are calling for smaller and more intricate board designs, products to fit those designs need to be able to handle harsh environments and strong electrical currents while being compact, durable, cost effective, and compliant with industry standards. TE's Signal, Power, Force Guided, and Solid State relays address all of these needs for your servo drive solutions in meeting durability, capacity, cost, safety, standards requirements, and more.

TE's passives and switches are cost-effective, reliable, and enhance productivity. High-performance types are designed to withstand extreme shock, vibration, temperature, and altitude. Also offering high flexibility in applications, many of our passives products can be customized to meet your specific applications and needs.

Our communications and networking solutions are geared to the most demanding requirements of manufacturers worldwide as they approach smarter and more connected technology in moving towards IoT. Networked manufacturing enables seamless communication as well as greater speed and efficiency. In addition to data transfer on the factory floor, information must be shared throughout the entire production environment - beyond the industrial setting and onto desktops. We are working with you to understand the challenges and push the boundaries of efficiency and productivity - enabling simpler, faster, and more economic industrial communications. The harsh environment design of the products within industrial communications and networking enables products that are ruggedized and resistant to high shock, high vibration, and EMI-prone conditions.

As the push towards Industry 4.0 grows steadier, the need for enhanced signal and interconnection capabilities becomes a necessity. Our AMPMODU, Micro-MaTch, Mini CT, and ribbon connectors are amongst the many products we can offer you in order to meet your growing requirements for signal, interconnection, housing, size, and most of all - reliability.

With an increased need for components to handle the growing levels of power input and output, TE is more than ready to help. With our vast experience and knowledge of industrial environments, we're excited to offer you our wide variety of time-tested connectors, terminals blocks, barrier strips, and many more for your servo drive applications. Our ruggedized and reliable connectors will help meet your needs for enhanced productivity, power distribution, easy installation, and space efficiency as you make the steps towards Industry 4.0.

Harnessing and Cable Assembly is crucial for most, if not all, industrial applications. Undergoing strenuous pressure and use, you need cable assemblies and wire harnesses that will last and keep your production lines running for long durations. TE is prepared to help, with teams at the ready that can assist you with custom cable assemblies that will fit your precise needs.

TE's sensors are responsive, design-efficient, high quality, durable, and easy to integrate into your servo drive solutions, which is an integral factor in keeping your factories and industrial environments operating at optimal efficiency.