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With an ever-evolving landscape in computing and the increasing requirement for cloud storage, there is one thing that must remain constant: your power supply. You need a modern, connected, and reliable infrastructure - which in turn depends on reliable and high-performing connections.

TE Connectivity can address a wide variety of applications in next-generation products such as:

  • Power Solutions including Busbar Assemblies, Custom Power Cable Assemblies, RAPID LOCK, ELCON Mini and High Current Card Edge products address 12V system and 48V next generation system architectures demand for higher power needs and deliver power solutions to improve cost effectiveness, safety, high/low volume production, and reliability.


  • Active Optics Cable Assemblies portfolio provides greater cable flexibility and longer reach, as compared to both traditional passive copper solutions and emerging active copper (ACC/AEC) solutions, supporting high performance computing, data center, and networking interconnect applications.


  • The Sliver Interconnect Family has not only received industry recognition, it has been identified as the standard and required product through several industry groups like COBO, GenZ, EDSFF and Open Compute for today and next gen server and storage designs. 


  • OSFP, QSFP-DD, QSFP, SFP-DD, Thermal Bridge and high-speed I/O showcasing solutions for thermal management, disaggregation, density, improved channels, co-packaging, 5G, and power delivery. 


  • The industry leading STRADA Whisper high speed backplane connectors, with a continuously expanded range of configurations including direct plug orthogonal, mezzanine, and cables all delivering at 56Gbps, 112Gbps and beyond. 

OCP NIC 3.0 Interface, Enabling Forward Compatibility

OCP NIC 3.0 Interface, Enabling Forward Compatibility

High Speed Input/Output & OTB Portfolio Overview

High Speed Input/Output & OTB Portfolio Overview

External PCIe Solutions

External PCIe Solutions

  1. Co-Packaging Socket Technology Overview (English)

Integration of silicon photonics engines and ASICs will be leveraged to drive performance and cost efficiencies in data center networking and artificial intelligence system architectures. Watch video to learn more on co-packaging socket technology.