This type of connector is engineered to increase data rates and decrease signal rise, delivering a more reliable high-speed transmission with greater clarity. Our portfolio of backplane connectors features high-performance right angle, co-planar, and mezzanine interconnects, used for mating printed circuit boards together. TE engineers use sophisticated 3D tools to develop accurate connector and footprint through pattern performance – prior to production. Our backplane interconnects can transmit 6.25 – 56 G/ps. Our Eurocard connectors incorporate internationally accepted design advantages of DIN 41612 and IEC 60603-2 two-piece connectors. This enables high signal integrity (SI) and electrical performance. Common Bus Systems include STE Bus, CIMBUS, FUTUREBUS, VMEBus, MULTIBUS (II), NUBUS, VXi Bus and VME 64X.

Solutions for Mating PCBs

In high-speed trains and industrial controls, and data center storage and switching systems, our Eurocard connectors provide flame-retardant, polarized housings to protect connections in harsh environments. In data center storage and switching systems, our STRADA Whisper connectors transfer data at 25 G/ps, with unparalleled scalability up to 56 Gb/ps. In data center switches and routers, our Z-PACK Slim UHD backplane connectors accelerate transmission in the smallest possible footprint, which frees up space on the PCB. Our high speed backplane connectors provide system designers with flexibility in solving specific performance challenges.