DEUTSCH 38999 Series IV connectors

MIL-DTL-38999 Series IV Standard

Resistant to interfering signals, DEUTSCH DIV Series Connectors are designed and built using the superior breech lock coupling mechanism. Special grounding fingers form a 360-degree circle just inside the shell, acting as a shield. The connector is actually grounded when the shells meet, even before the contacts engage.

Product Features:

DEUTSCH DIV Series Connectors

• Shell: Stainless steel, aluminum
• Plating: Olive drab cadmium, passivated, and electroless nickel (anodized coupling ring for Class F only)
• Insert: Thermoplastic and fluorinated silicone elastomer
• EMI Spring Fingers: Nickel or cadmium-plated beryllium copper
• O-Ring: Fluorinated silicone elastomer

• Temperature Range:
-65°C to +175°C (Class W)
-65°C to +200°C (Classes C, F, Y and N)
• Fluid Resistance: Fluid immersion per EIA 364.10, including resistance to
MIL-PRF-5606: Hydraulic fluid
MIL-DTL-83133: JP-8 aviation fuel
MIL-PRF-7808: Lubricating oil
MIL-PRF-23699: Lubricating oil
MIL-A-8243: Deicing/defrosting fluid
MIL-C-25769: Aircraft cleaning compound
MIL-PRF-87937: Aircraft cleaning compound
MIL-G-3056: Gasoline
• Salt Spray: 48 hours (Nickel finishes) / 500 hours (Cadmium and passivated finishes)
• Thermal Cycling: -65° to 150/175/200°C (max. temperature is class dependent)

• Sine Vibration: Up to 60 g for 36 hr.
• Random Vibration: Up to 41.7 g for 16 hr. at 175° C / Up to 50 g for 16 hr. at ambient temperature
• Shock: 300 g, 3 ms in the 3 axes
• Durability: >500 mating cycles
• Contact Retention:
Size 22D: 44 N (10 lb.)
Size 20: 67 N (15 lb.)
Size 16: 111 N (25 lb.)
Size 12: 111 N (25 lb.)
Size 10: 111 N (25 lb.)
Size 8: 111 N (25 lb.)

• Shell-to-Shell Conductivity:
Olive Drab Cadmium: 2.5 mV
Passivated: 10.0 mV
Electroless Nickel: 1.0 mV
• Shielding Effectiveness: >90 dB at 100 MHz, >65 dB through 10 GHz