IR-1891 Heat Shrink Shuttle Machine

Speed up Production

The IR-1891 machine installs Raychem heat shrink tubing products onto small components, such as ring terminals, FASTON terminals and small connectors. The machine has two workstations and a moveable head. Each workstation is provided with supports for tooling fixtures (specified and ordered separately), which support the work pieces and locate the tubing products. The operator loads the work pieces into the fixtures on a workstation, confirms that the tubing products are correctly positioned and then slides the heat head into position before initiating the heating cycle. The IR-1891 heat shrink shuttle is provided with closed loop temperature control and the heat head is 'locked' into position by use of an electromagnet during the heating cycle.

3 sec

As quick as 3 sec heating time


1200 / hr maximum processing rate


Maximum 20mm tubing diameter


CE Approved, Improved Controls
  • Automatic cycle start once heater is manually positioned over product for improved process control (best for adhesive-lined heat shrinkable tubing)
  • Automatic heating head retraction at end of cycle
  • Cooling fan above each fixture assembly keeps fixture at acceptable temperature
  • Compliant with CE and RoHs requirements 
  1. Heat Shrink Overview Video (English)

This informational video provides an overview of the complete lineup of heat shrink tubing processing machines available from the Application Tooling division of TE Connectivity


  • RAYCHEM heat shrink tubing
  • Ring terminals
  • FASTON terminals
  • Small connectors
  1. Single Wall Installation (English)

Single Wall Installation

  • Dual Wall Installation (English)

  • Tubing Sealing (English)

  • Tubing Insulation (English)