Position Sensors

A position sensor is a device that can detect the movement of an object and converts these into signals suitable for processing, transmission, or control. TE Connectivity (TE) is a leading manufacturer of industrial linear and angular position, tilt and fluid level sensors. Both off -the-shelf and custom position sensing solutions are available featuring our core technologies, including inductive, potentiometric, magnetoresistive, hall effect, reed switch, electrolytic and capacitive sensing.

Position Sensor Applications

Sophisticated designs and manufacturing techniques provide reliable and cost effective solutions for a broad range of harsh applications such as automotive, power generation, sub-sea, hydraulics, medical, HVAC/R, process controls, factory automation, security systems, military/aerospace and nuclear. TE position sensors are available with analog and digital outputs. Our comprehensive range of signal conditioning instrumentation enables us to meet the specific needs of OEMs and end users.