Pulse Oximetry SpO₂ Sensors

From patient monitoring in hospitals, to wearables and home healthcare applications, TE offers photo optic sensors and components for non-invasively measuring blood oxygenation (SpO₂) level. With more than 27 years of proven reliability and expertise, TE has designed SpO2 sensors with best-in-class flexibility to accommodate multiple wavelength options. Our ability to provide both components and complete optical sensor packages make us the leading choice for pulse oximetry applications that require high degrees of precision, durability and performance.

Product Features:

Key Capabilities of TE's Photo Optic Sensor Portfolio
  • Miniature, low-cost emitter and detector packages including surface mount technology (SMT) designs
  • Dual-drive, clear epoxy lense photo emitters
  • Four standard IR LED wavelength choices: 880nm, 905nm, 910nm, and 940nm 
  • Fast response, highly efficient detector assemblies
  • Bio-compatible optical sensor packages
  • Latex-free disposable pulse oximetry sensors
  • Light-weight, soft pad designs ensuring patient comfort
  • Scalable, value-added manufacturing - capability to provide component or complete pulse oximetry sensor (reusable and disposable sensors)
  • Easily-cleaned finger clip pulse oximetry sensor designs


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