Full range of product offerings for connector terminations, armor terminations, break-a-way units and splice canisters.

The primary field installable solution is the SEACON Multi-Plex System (MUX) which consists of a positively pressurized rugged connector solution, an underwater Armor Termination Assembly (ATA) and a Breakaway Unit.

In recent years the search for oil has required operations in progressively deeper waters by mobile offshore drilling units.  Drilling at these depths places strong demands on equipment, particularly the cable and connectors that link subsea operations to the surface. 


TE Connectivity (TE)'s SEACON range of MUX systems consist of 1 Atmosphere and Positively Pressurized connector solutions as well as the underwater cable termination system which consists of the Armor Termination Assembly (ATA), Breakaway Unit connector.

Metal Shell Series (MSS) Connector

TE Connectivity (TE) has historically adapted existing products to meet changing market needs. For decades TE’s SEACON MSS connector range has offered high contact density and a variety of power and signal configurations to meet customer underwater power and data requirements. These connectors are designed in compliance with American Petroleum Institute (API) specification API 16D, API 17E, API 17F and when specified can also support API 6A

Metal Shell Series (MSS) Connectors


  • Meets appropriate sections of API 16D, API 17E and API 17F specifications
  • Redundant sealing at all pressure barrier interfaces and multiple test ports for in-the field o-ring testing and verification
  • 8 shell sizes
  • Up to 10,000 psig (approx. 22,500ft/7,000m)
mss pbof
SEACON MSS Connector

Field Installable MUX system

The MUX connector is an electro-optical mechanical termination that contains an integral system that does not rely on separate external compensator systems to apply a constant overpressure (internal pressure greater than external pressure) to the end of the cable and termination volume. The overpressure helps to prevent water intrusion into the termination chamber that could be caused by flooding of the conductor strands or by seal failure. In the cable termination system the ATA is affixed to a clevis (padeye) at a convenient location on the BOP (Blow Out Prevention) stack while the MUX connector mates to either a transformer module, crossover or directly to the subsea electronics module (pod). The orientation aspect that can be a problem with a conventional connector is eliminated due to the breakaway unit that interfaces the ATA with the BOP, enabling a connection in 90 degree intervals.

Field Installable MUX System


  • Lighter, more manageable connector than the legacy connectors
  • Separate armor termination function from electrical connector function and a controlled breakaway function
  • The  connector provides visual verification of correct pressure over ambient
  • It also includes the ability to electrically check for fluid contamination without opening the connector
SEACON Field Installable MUX Connector
SEACON Field Installable MUX Connector

Breakaway Unit

The Breakaway Unit helps provide a means of reducing the damage caused when extreme MUX cable tension breaks a termination. The unit is designed to anchor an armor termination unit to a clevis mount at the subsea end of a riser or control system framework. The breakaway concept is based on shear pin technology. Shear pin material with a low ultimate/yield strength ratio is used to increase accuracy of targeted breaking load.

Breakaway Unit


  • Overall Length: 6.4"

  • Overall Diameter: 1.6"

  • Replaceable shear pin 

  • Non-destructive failure mode 

  • Depth rating: Full ocean depth (approx. 20,000ft) 

  • Field installable (no compounds) 

  • 17-4 PH SST shear pin

  • 1/2" clevis mount lower, 3/8" pin upper 

  • Interfaces with TE's SEACON Armor Termination Assembly (ATA)
SEACON Breakaway Unit
SEACON Breakaway Unit

Armor Termination Assembly (ATA)

The ATA allows contra-helical armor to be terminated a distance away from the end electrical connection of a MUX umbilical cable. This makes terminated cable handling much more manageable, and provides an emergency breakaway point which helps preserve Subsea Electronics Module (SEM) integrity. The interior armor plug is mechanical, no epoxy is used. With this technology, we are able to provide solutions that can be up to or exceed 75% cable breaking strength. Contact our team to find out more.

Armor Termination Assembly


  • Overall length: 27" 

  • Overall diameter: 4.75" at base 

  • Interfaces with SEACON breakaway unit 

  • Dual cone, mechanical armor plug 

  • Overall boot sealed depth rating: Full ocean depth (approx. 20,000ft) compatible with embedded and non-embedded MUX cables field installable (no compounds)
SEACON Armor Termination Assembly
SEACON Armor Termination Assembly

Field Installable Termination Assembly (FITA)

The FITA connector is an electrical termination that maintains a constant positive pressure inside the oil-filled connector cavity. Positive pressure, maintained at 60 psig using a spring-loaded piston, deters water ingress from conductor interstices and other sources. Inside the connector, advanced conductor booting technology helps assure functionality even when the FITA is water-flooded. The FITA is field installable and testable. Dual barrier seals are used throughout the connector.

Field Installable Termination Assembly



  • Overall length: 21"

  • Overall diameter: 4.2" 

  • Pressure compensated chambers 

  • Megger test pin allows testing for water-flooding while mated 

  • Depth rating: 10,000ft / 3048m

  • Voltage: 600V / Current: 15A 

  • 12#16 electrical contacts, new version to include fiber optic contacts 

  • Modular cable terminations and field installable (no compounds)
SEACON Field Installable and Test Assembly
SEACON Field Installable and Test Assembly

MSSQ Flanged Connector Receptacle (MSSQ-FCR)

The Metal Shell Series Q Flanged Connector Receptacle (MSSQ-FCR) has been part of TE's SEACON standard product line for over 30 years and has been used for connecting to MUX cable connectors in the drilling industry for more than 20 years. The receptacle mounts to existing hole penetrations on many subsea modules.

The connection side of the receptacle interfaces with the SEACON standard MSSQ cable connector plug line. Typical connection is to a MSSQ positive pressure compensated MUX cable connector. The MSSQ series of MUX terminations is available with electrical contacts only and electrical-fiber optic hybrids. Standard body material is passivated 316 stainless steel although other materials are available upon request.

MSSQ Flanged Connector Receptacle


  • Mates to MSSQ MUX cable connector 
  • Mounting o-ring test port 
  • Dual o-ring seals throughout 
  • Depth Rating: 20,000 psig mated (approx. 45,000ft/13,700m) and 5,000 psig (approx. 11,500ft/3,516m) open-face 
  • Mounts in standard MSSQ cavity, and others - see available configurations
SEACON MSSQ Flanged Connector Receptacle
SEACON MSSQ Flanged Connector Receptacle


The Metal Shell Series Q Cable Connector Plug (MSSQ-CCP) connector is a MUX cable termination that maintains a constant positive pressure (max 60 psig / 4.0 Bar) inside its oil-filled volume via a spring-loaded piston. This helps prevent water ingress to internal conductor elements that could create electrical short circuits. Additional internal water barriers are formed through advanced elastomeric boot sealing technology to seal each individual cable element. This helps ensures full functionality even in a major event where the internal oil volume becomes completely water flooded.

The MSSQ-CCP is field installable and testable. It is currently available in both all-electric and hybrid (electro-optic) configurations. The overall connector designs are modular, where only the cable termination element needs to be specifically designed to suit the characteristics of different cables.



  • Overall length: 24.2" (615mm) 
  • Overall diameter: 4.75" (120mm) 
  • Megger test pin: Allows non-intrusive IR testing for presence of water inside 
  • Test port: Verifies o-ring integrity in mated connector condition 
  • Modular cable terminations 
  • Field installable (no compounds) 
  • Internal connector oil volume is positively pressurized to a maximum of 60 psi (4.0 Bar)

Subsea Umbilical Termination Assembly (SUTA)

The SUTA is a termination and distribution unit for optical cables. It contains an integral pressure balanced compensation system, fiber management system, mechanical armor termination and fiber k-tube feed-through penetrations.

Subsea Umbilical Termination Assembly



  • Integral fiber management system 
  • High pressure fiber optic feed-thru penetrations 
  • Boot seals 
  • Depth Rating: Full ocean depth (approx.20,000ft) 
  • Field installable (no compounds) 
  • Oil filled and pressure compensated 
  • Dual o-ring seals 
  • Slide over cover for easy access and assembly 
  • Secure splice tray for maximum fiber stability 
  • Small - 5" (127mm) diameter 15" (381mm) length 
  • Modular cable termination design to facilitate different cables 
  • Options for multiple cable entry 
  • Options for multiple connections
SEACON Subsea Umbilical Termination Assembly
SEACON Subsea Umbilical Termination Assembly

In-Line, Fiber Optic, Field Splice & Armor Termination

The in-line, fiber optic, field splice and armor termination is a Field Installable design that allows two armored fiber optic cables to be spliced together in the field. The cables are prepared and the kits are assembled together in the field with final integrity testing via pressure ports. These designs are qualified and operational underwater with 24 optical fiber, using low-loss, high reliability splicing and a 4,500 lb. (2,040kg) tension load armor termination. It can be adapted for different cables, quantity of fiber and armor termination requirements.

In-line, Fiber Optic, Field Splice & Armor Termination



  • Qualified design 
  • Field installable and testable 
  • Field proven 
  • Modular design, number of fibers, armor tension & cable type 
  • Low profile at less than diameter 4.5" (114mm) 
  • Titanium seawater-wetted material for mid-cable isolation 
  • Nitrile Buna (NBR) o-rings 
  • Acetal anti-snag collars 
  • Neoprene cable boots 
In-line, Fiber Optic, Field Splice & Armor Termination
In-line, Fiber Optic, Field Splice & Armor Termination