Downhole Connectors

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When critical connections are required at extreme temperatures and fluid environments

TE has developed and tested a large range of products suitable for the specifications required for downhole applications such as high operating pressures (to 15,000 psig), high operating temperatures (to 300°F), space restrictions and the requirement for hermetic sealing to prevent migration of downhole fluids through the connector. Our range of SEACON products includes a full system of downhole connectivity: downhole electrical inserts and boots, dry-mate connectors, electro-optical connectors, optical and electrical wet-mate connectors and downhole connectors.

  • Pressure: 15,000 psig (35,600ft/10,550m)
  • Voltage: Up to 1,000 VAC
  • Up to 2,500 VDC
  • Current: Up to 10 amps
  • Compatible with 316 stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel, titanium, inconel, nitronic 50. Contact TE for further details

The G3 is a third generation connector utilizing HydraLight technology and is available in 6 channels with either singlemode or multimode fibers. The G3 offers low profile optical connectivity combined with simplicity of operation and is ideally suited for tight interfaces requiring low loss optical performance. This connector can incorporate flat or angle polished contacts making it ideal for either signal communication systems or optical measurement and sensing systems such as tubing hanger connections, tree connections, riser monitoring systems and Life of Field Seismic Systems (LoFS).

  • Very small form factor, with low loss optical performance
  • Matched pairs not required 
  • Internal pressure compensated 15,000 psig (approx. 35,600ft/10,550m), 107°C-150°C operating temperature
  • Footprint < 1.5 x 0.875" 
  • 6 channels, singlemode or multimode
  • Few internal moving parts
  • Simplicity of operation 
  • Elastomers suited for harsh chemical environments 
  • Joined chamber concept 
  • Suitable for Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), diver, or stab plate operation
SEACON G3 Optical WET-MATE Connector
SEACON G3 Optical WET-MATE Connector

Small compact connector originally designed and developed for the demanding downhole environment. The materials and design chosen are specific for these arduous conditions. The compact nature of this connector lends itself to many applications where overall size needs to be kept to a minimum.

  • Small in size 
  • Wide temperature rating
  • Single or multimode fiber accommodated 
  • Available in different materials and terminations to suit the requirement 
  • Dual "O" seals 
  • Field installable (in certain environments)
SEACON 4 Channel Dry-Mate Fiber Optic Connector
SEACON 4 Channel Dry-Mate Fiber Optic Connector

This 8 way connector pair was designed for a wire line tool which is fitted within an arm leading to a sensing pad. This meant that when the tool was retrieved the sensing pad could be changed out quickly and easily without tooling or special training. As the connector would directly see wellbore fluids at high pressures and temperatures the connector is molded in fluroelastomer. The cable has an outer jacket of ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) so a booting technique has been used to seal to the cable jacket. This gives the benefit that the free half connectors are field installable, but soldering is required. The connection philosophy is based around our standard WET-CON connector range. The pin contact has a sealing diameter and when this is connected into the socket bore two integrally molded o-rings impinge onto this diameter.This means that there are two o-ring seals between contact and earth and four o-ring seals between different contacts. As there are no pressure differentials in the design the connector pair are pressure tolerant.

  • High temperature rating 
  • High pressure rating 
  • Excellent electrical properties 
  • Eight electrical contacts 
  • Harsh environment compatible 
  • Positive external grip for disconnection 
  • Small size and weight 
  • Field installable free halves 
  • Push-on pull-off design (sealing retention retains connectors) 
  • Keying achieved by contact face pattern wet mateable
  • Wet mateable
SEACON Fluroelastomer Connectors
SEACON Fluroelastomer Connectors