High Performance Wire and Cable

High Performance Wire and Cable

Getting down to the wire. TE's high-performance wire and cable systems provide unconventional insulation systems. We are leader in polymer modification technologies, precision extrusion, and radiation cross-linking.

Rigorous, high-performance cable and wire assemblies.  

TE offers a wide range of Raychem high-performance wire and cable products that are designed to meet or exceed the most rigorous vehicle specifications. TE is a leader in polymer modification technologies, precision extrusion, and radiation crosslinking. The wire and cable products use advanced materials that are engineered to be light-weight, while offering a cost-effective system solution. These systems combine to provide unique properties that are not offered in conventional insulation systems.

Core Technologies

Technical Leadership in the Wire and Cable Industry

  • TE's Raychem is a pioneer of radiation cross-linking, and one of the leading supplier of such products worldwide.
  • All of TE's major product lines use insulation formulations developed in-house, and tailored to give optimum performance for each specific need.
  • When TE develops any new product, we test it well beyond the limits of international and OEM specifications, to ensure that it will not only exceed expectations in service, but will be as easy to process and install as possible.
  • TE employs state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to ensure that consistent product quality is achieved. 
  • TE provides comprehensive handling guidelines with our products, and our expert technical support team is always on hand to respond to any technical queries that may arise.

Key Highlights

  • Our high performance wire and cables perform from -55°C to +200°C
  • We offer primary wires, power cables, transmission wires and sensor cables
  • Excellent technical support
  • History of proven performance, reliability, innovation and quality
  • Worldwide sales, service and operations
  • Leader in material science technologies