Madison Cable

Engineered for Reliability

TE Connectivity (TE)’s Madison Cable are specialty cables custom-engineered for precision signal integrity and harsh environments across many industries. Our Madison Cable bulk copper cable is manufactured for high quality, to meet your expectations and industry specifications. Our quick-response design and quoting process allows us to make-to-order with low minimum order quantities and short lead times—perfect for high mix, low volume needs. Our engineered solutions make use of a wide range of materials, consist of broad product capabilities and offer comprehensive and extensive UL and CSA approvals.

Product Features:

Madison Cable Solutions
  • Innovative, specialty cable solutions capable of meeting the needs of high speed communications and continuous flex industrial applications
  • Support for conductor size range of 34 AWG to 2 AWG, 1 to 200 conductors
  • Hybrid cable technology
  • Support for plenum-rated cables
  • High flex cable
  • Multi-pod extrusion
  • Custom jacket colors
  • Extensive UL and CSA approvals improves your time-to-market
  • Low smoke zero halogen designs available

Types of Cables

  • Multi-Conductor Cables
  • Twisted Multi-Pair Cables
  • Parallel Pair Cables
  • Quad/Multi-Quad Cables
  • Composite Cables
  • Multi-Pod Cables
  • Coax-Multi-Coax Cables
  • Flat Ribbon Cables
Twisted Multi-Pair
Twisted Multi-Pair
Parallel Pair
Parallel Pair

Rangs of Applications

Data Center/Enterprise: We have high speed options for the most demanding data center and enterprise application environments.  This product range includes parallel pair and twisted pair cable designs for both external and internal system use meeting a wide range of industry standards.

Industrial Machinery and Control Systems: Our set of highly differentiated products can be used for a variety of Industrial applications including Industrial automation, control systems, sensors, industrial Ethernet, Device Net, security surveillance systems and factory automation.

Medical: We offer cables for use in medical equipment, robotics and image transmission.

Broadcast: We offer high performance video and commercial camera cables where requirements for signal integrity and performance are critical.

Test and Measurement: We can provide multi-conductor, composite cable designs to address a wide range of test and measurement system needs.