Push Grip

Push Grip Insulated Wire Connectors

Our push-in wire connectors are insulated wire connectors for electrical installations. These tool-less, poke-in wire splice connectors are suitable for 22-12 AWG solid and stranded wires and are easy to install for retrofit lighting, digital signage, commercial and residential lighting and other wiring system applications.

Easy, visible, fast. For electrical installations, TE Connectivity is dedicated to developing products that are easy and fast to install and make repairs go smoother. Our Push grip wire connectors address these criterias through tool-less, poke-in termination. These splice products are color coded for easy identification and the compact size makes them a perfect choice for applications where space constraints are present. These connectors provide a visual termination of 22-12 AWG solid and stranded wires.  


  • Retrofit Lighting
  • Digital Signage
  • Light Commercial Building Equipment
  • Residential Wiring Systems

Key Benefits

  • Easy and fast installation with tool-less poke-in wire splices
  • Easy identification through color coded connectors
  • Compact in size
  • Features a test slot for voltage testing
  • Terminate multiple wire gauges in a single splice connection
  • Enable visual termination through clear polycarbonate housings
  • Achieve flexibility in application termination with multiple position sizes