Electrical wire splices

Splice solid and stranded wire with confidence

Our broad range of splices allow you to splice solid or stranded wire - copper, aluminum or a combination of both.

Whether you need to splice 30 AWG solid copper magnet wire or 4/0 stranded aluminum wire, we offer an effective solution. Choose from crimp, insulation displacement connection (IDC), or other types of splice technology applied manually or with semi- or fully-automated equipment. Our expansive range of options allows you to shop for a splice meeting your requirements for connection reliability and for cost-effective application whether you need to make millions of splices in an OEM application or a few repair splices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you using solid or stranded wire?

A: Stranded wire with equal strand diameters provide optimal crimp performance. Stranded wire of equal strand diameter ensures optimum crimp compression and avoids any voids in the crimp. We understand this is not always practical for every application, wires of different strand diameters as well as solid stranded wire may be used in many applications. Consult your sales representative if you have further questions.

Q: What size wire are you using?

A: Generally the wire size will be determined by the current demanded. Different applications will require different wire sizes. How much current will the connection see? Continuous current or intermittent current? What environment will the wire be subjected to? Temperature requirements? All these questions need to be answered in order to select the correct wire material and correct wire size.