PIDG terminals and splices: reliability in termination

PIDG terminals and splices (Pre-Insulated Diamond Grip) are designed for complete and uniform reliability in the most difficult circuit environments. PIDG terminals and splices consist of a nylon or PVC insulated copper body, plus a copper sleeve that crimps to the wire insulation for added support. This unique design is vibration resistant and allows the wire to bend in any direction without damaging the wire insulation or conductor.

Product Features

PIDG Terminals & SPlices
  • Nylon or PVC insulation, tin plating
  • Copper insulation support sleeve
  • Wire range: 26 AWG - 10 AWG (0.12 – 6.64 mm2)
  • Operating Voltage: 300V
  • Temperature Rating: standard 105°C max., PVF2 150°C max (also available with PTFE insulation and Nickel plating up to 288°C max)
  • UL Listed, CSA certified
  • Many PIDG terminals and splices are Military Approved: ASM7928
  • Vibration resistant; wire can bend any direction without damage
  • Insulation repels hydrocarbons (greases, oils, etc.) and has high dielectric strength.
  • Serrations in wire barrel give maximum electrical contact and tensile strength with the conductor
  • Funneled wire entry prevents turned back wire strands and permits rapid wire insertion during high speed production
  • Insulation sleeves and corresponding tooling are color-coded by wire size for easier identification
  • “C” crimp specially designed by TE for rugged use


Operating Voltage


Max Operating Temperature (in C)


MIL-SPEC approval

Reliable crimping. The design of the crimping dies and construction of the terminal allow for uniform insulation thickness under crimping pressure, transmitting the pressure evenly to the center of the crimp area. This produces a crimp and terminal that are alike in appearance and performance. PIDG products are available as rings, spades, flanged spaded, slotted rings, splices in several other varieties and sizes.


  • Instruments/controls
  • Lighting
  • Power supplies
  • Panel boxes
  • Transportation
  • Lifting equipment
  • Motors
  • Aerospace
  • Appliances