Crimp Quick Disconnect Terminals

Connect / Disconnect – Quickly and Easily

This product is engineered for flexibility, for fast, easy termination. Our portfolio includes a range of sizes, materials, retention features, temperature ranges, and insulation options, for making a few connections in the lab or millions on an assembly line. We offer a variety of tools, from hand tools to fully automated applicators, to help crimp connections consistently.

Product Features:

Specifications for Quick Disconnects
  • Insulated and uninsulated
  • Straight and flag configurations 
  • Stress relieved receptacles 
  • Various plating options 
  • Positive Lock terminal solutions 
  • High temperature solutions 
  • Application tooling

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What tab are you mating to? What is your thickness and width requirements?

A: TE Connectivity offers a variety of terminals that mate to a variety of tabs. Some width sizes include .312”, .250”, .187”, .125”, .110” and the standard thicknesses for these terminals are .032” and .020”.

Q: Do you have low insertion force requirements?

A: TE Connectivity has 8 to 16 lb. options. We offer a variety of terminals such as premier, budget, LIF, moldable and hermetic style terminals. 


Types of Crimp Connects

Crimp Type Description
“F” Crimp

Most common crimp used on straight and flag terminals offers optimum combination of strength and conductivity. Method of termination provides maximum resistance to vibration and corrosion.

Tab-Lok Crimp

Featured on flag terminals. Locking tab on wire barrel is inserted through a slot on the terminal itself.

“C” Crimp  Featured on flag terminals. Provides reliable electrical and mechanical performance with a minimum profile.