Terminal and splices

Industrial Terminals & Splices

Our portfolio of engineered solutions for closed barrel terminals and splices includes UL, CSA, & MIL-SPEC certified products for harsh and standard environments. We can provide customized products resulting in a broad range of insulated and uninsulated terminals and splices.

Engineered solutions for your requirements. Decades of experience and engineering expertise allow us to provide engineered solderless solutions to meet your termination needs. Our terminals are offered in a variety of wire sizes from 26 AWG up to 1000 MCM. Out terminals are available in ring, flag, spade, hook, flange, slotted tongue terminals, as well as parallel, closed end and butt splices.


  • Proven quality and reliability
  • Broad Portfolio for your specific need
  • Broad range of customization options – plating, stud size, bend angle
  • UL, CSA, Mil Spec certifications
  • Robust tooling options
  • Readily available distributor inventory
  • Loose Piece or Tape & Reel
  • On-Site technical support for professional help
  • Quality crimp

Solderless terminals are one of the lowest cost components in a system but the repercussions of a bad crimp can be crippling. There is much more complexity to the process than meets the eye. Unfortunately, many people in the industry overlook the fundamentals of a good crimp and unknowingly put the integrity of their products at risk. One guiding principle needs to be followed to help ensure a good crimp – tool and terminal must come from the same manufacturer.


What wire size do you need?

Wire sizes scope
BUDGET 26-10 AWG (0.12 to 6mm²)
SOLISTRAND 26 AWG to 600 MCM (0.12 to 300 mm²)
PIDG 26-10 AWG (0.12 to 6mm²)
PLASTI-GRIP 22 to 2/0 AWG (0.34 to 70 mm²)
FASTON PIDG 26-10 AWG (0.12 to 6mm²)
SHUR-PLUG 22 to 10 AWG (0.34 to 6 mm²)
DIAMOND GRIP 26-10 AWG (0.12 to 6mm²)
AMPOWER 6 AWG to 1000 MCM (16 mm² to 500mm²)

Do you need insulation?

Insulated Terminals & Splices Uninsulated Terminals & Splices
PLASTI-GRIP – low cost insulated BUDGET – low cost uninsulated
PIDG – ruggedized insulated SOLISTRAND – ruggedized uninsulated
TERMINYL – large gauge insulated (8 to 4/0 AWG) DIAMOND GRIP – vibration resistant uninsulated
PIDG w/ PVF2 insulation – radiation resistant (150 C) AMPOWER – Power distribution uninsulated

What voltage do you need?

Do you need high temperature versions?

  • STRATOTHERM PIDG – up to 288°C

Do you need certification?


If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should browse our PIDG terminals & splices

  • Does the terminal or splice need to withstand high vibration?
  • Will the terminal be exposed to voltages up to 300V? Splices up to 600V?
  • Does your application need to allow the wire to bend in any direction without sacrificing quality of the electrical connection?
  • Are the wires in your application exposed to strong forces so that barrel contact and tensile strength are critical?
  • Does your application require high reliability and performance as well as Military approval?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should browse our PLASTI-GRIP terminals & splices

  • Are you looking for an industry standard terminal or splice?
  • Will the terminal or splice be exposed to voltages up to 600V?
  • Does the application require fast and/or easy installation?
  • Do you need a CSA or UL approved terminal or splice?
  • Does your application require easy identification of wire size?
  • Does the terminal or splice need to be crimped with a simple hand tool?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should browse our SOLISTRAND terminals & splices

  • Is your application exposed to high voltage and/or temperatures?
  • Does your application require high tensile strength and/or corrosion resistance?
  • Are there space constraints for your application?
  • Does your application require high reliability and performance as well as Military approval?
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