Wireless Vibration Sensors for Condition Monitoring

We design and manufacture vibration sensors and accelerometers that utilize wireless communications and incorporate a microcontroller for configurable signal processing and compensation. Uniaxial and triaxial devices with on-board temperature sensing provide flexibility to address any condition monitoring application. Our sensors are packaged to survive harsh environments and are certified to operate in hazardous locations and explosive atmospheres.

Vibration sensors bring a new level of capability and convenience to our customers.  The sensors are battery powered and communicate wirelessly, making for quick and inexpensive installation. A variety of mounting accessories are available to simplify attachment to factory machines. Both LoRaWAN™ and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication protocols are available for convenient data transfer. An on-board microcontroller performs a fast Fourier transform (FFT) of the output signal and the output data format and transmission interval can be configured by the customer to fit the application. The IP66/IP67 package rating allows use in harsh and unfriendly environments.

New Product

8xx1N Wireless Vibration Sensor Portfolio

The new TE 8xx1N wireless vibration sensor portfolio combines a piezo-electric accelerometer, frequency data analysis, and multiple wireless data transmission options combined into one compact, battery-operated device that measures both vibration and temperature data. It was designed for harsh environments and is certified to work in Hazardous Locations (ATEX, ICECx, and CSA certifications). 


  • Compact design
  • Up to 4-year battery life
  • -40 °C to +60°C operating temperature
  • 35kHz resonant frequency
  • Embedded FFT signal analysis
  • Stud, magnet, or adhesive mounting accessories
  • 89xxN family designed for data transmission over LoRaWAN networks and device configuration over LoRaWAN or Bluetooth Low Energy (v5.0) networks
  • 85xxN family designed for data transmission and device configuration over Bluetooth Low Energy (v5.0) networks
  • Single axis (uniaxial) and 3-axis (triaxial) sensing options available
  • Available in HazLoc and non-Hazloc models
  • TE SensorConnect App enabled

Featured Applications

TE SensorConnect App Information

New TE SensorConnect App

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