Plug-In Relay Types: Maxi, Micro, and Mini Relays

Our plug-in relays feature Micro, Mini, and Maxi ISO relays, including high current and latching versions, modules, and sockets for 12V, 24V, and 48V power supply systems. Designed for cross-carline applications, these plug-in relays are available in make, changeover, double make and bridging make contact arrangements, with options for customized and special footprints, serial and parallel components, and shrouded waterproof versions. Our plug-in relays allow an easy exchange within the system and are commonly used in applications like wipers and pumps, energy management, ignition, fans and heaters within the automotive market. Automotive plug-in relays are used in cars, trucks, buses, and heavy-duty vehicles including agriculture vehicles and construction vehicles.

Our plug-in relays are used for harness and PCB mounting and relay modules. A relay module is a unit containing electromechanical relay(s) and optional electronics to enable a specific function, which cannot be achieved by a single relay. Typical applications are e.g. wiper modules, cooling fan modules or starter modules. Often such small relay modules are designed to solve an architectural problem within a running carline with very little effort and cost impact.