Plug-In Relays

Plug-In Relays

Power-packed plug-ins. TE's plug-in relays feature micro, mini, and maxi ISO relays, including latching versions, modules, and sockets in 12V, 24V, and 48V power supply systems.

High-performing relays for cross vehicle applications. TE's high-performing plug-in relays feature micro, mini and maxi ISO relays. The plug-in relays are available in make, changeover, double make and bridging make contact arrangements.

A wide range of options includes, latching and silent, customized and special footprints, serial and parallel components, and shrouded waterproof versions.


  • High performance vehicle relays
  • Make, changeover, double make and bridging make contact arrangements available
  • Several mounting features available
  • Serial and parallel components on request
  • Shrouded waterproof versions
  • Customizable relay modules
  • Selection of sockets for micro, mini and maxi relays 
  • Latching and silent versions
  • Customized versions and special footprints on request