High Current Relays: Safely connect and disconnect

High-current relays are a common type of electromechanical relay used to switch and carry high currents. Those relays are often either connected directly to load cables by screwing connections or mounted onto a lead-frame. Latching versions are available. Our automotive high-current relays are engineered for use in vehicle batteries, battery management, battery disconnection, start/stop systems, high performance electrical heaters, and drives and pumps for system voltages up to 48V and currents up to 200A within the automotive market. High-current relays are widely used in trucks, buses, and heavy-duty vehicles including agriculture vehicles and construction vehicles.

Product Features

Automotive High Current Relays
  • Compact relays for power applications.
  • High current switching capabilities.
  • Wide range of specific applications: energy management, battery disconnection, start-stop systems, electric power steering.
  • Relays with specific functions such as electrical and manual set and reset.
  • Latching versions available.