Automotive Pre-charge Relays for voltage level up to 450VDC

Our high-voltage pre-charge relays are electromechanical devices designed to switch high voltage loads. These relays operate in the same way as electromechanical relays with the addition of features that allow these to be used in high voltage applications like battery disconnect units (BDU) and charging systems supporting the future of mobility. All of our automotive relays and contactors comply with the demanding switching requirements of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Product Overview

Automotive High-Voltage Relays
  • Safe-magnetic arc suppression
  • Prevents contact welds
  • Form X (NO DM) contact arrangement
  • Suitable for voltage level up to 450VDC
  • Pre-charge current up to 20A
  • Limiting break currents up to 20A
  • Small package size – low profile
  • Lightweight
  • Available with PCB mount and plug-in terminals

Manufactured for reliability. When designing in high voltage relays, the maximum switching voltage and its dielectric strength need to be considered, which refers to the maximum potential gradient an insulating material can withstand without physical damage. In addition to BDUs, our high voltage relays and contactors are used in hybrid, electric, and fuel-cell vehicle systems such as battery, pre-charge, and auxiliary relays. TE’s portfolio contains both gas-filled and open designed contactors. 

An innovative contact design enables switching loads at a system voltage of up to 450V. The Mini K HV supports the connection and disconnection of the traction battery in switching assemblies for hybrid and battery electric vehicles. Even under fault conditions, the Mini K HV reliably disconnects the precharge circuit from the traction battery for excellent safety. Our high voltage precharge relays, Mini K HV, operates safely with two arc extinguishing magnets. Its small package and PCB mount or plug-in terminals make it an easy choice for voltage levels up to 450VDC and precharge currents and limiting break currents up to 20 Amps.

Select Applications

Automotive Hig-Voltage Relays

DC high voltage precharge applications in:

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles HEV, PHEV
  • Full Battery Electric Vehicles BEV
  • Fuel Cell Vehicles FCV 

Contact Data

  • Contact arrangement: 1 form X (NO-DM)
  • Rated voltage: 400VDC
  • Limiting continuous current: max. continuous current is limited and depends on operating conditions1
  • Limiting making current: 20A (105 ops.)
  • Limiting breaking current: 20A (max. 10 ops.)
  • Operate/release time max. (typ.): 2.5/1ms

Consult TE for details.

Coil Data

  • Rated coil voltage/power: 12VDC1
  • Rated coil power: 2.9W1

Consult TE for details.

Other Data

  • Ambient temperature: -40 to +85°C
  • Category of protection (PCB version): wash tight
  • Terminal type: plug-in and PCB
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 25.5x20.7x19.3 (PCB version)
  • 29.9x29.9x34.7 (plug-in version without terminals)