Reduce, Limit, and Control EMI

With the growing demand for thinner devices with multiple antennas, higher data rates, and increased operating frequencies, modern mobile devices require better solutions for reducing or limiting the effect of electromagnetic interference (EMI). Board level shields from TE are stamped one-piece and two-piece metal cages that help provide isolation of board level components, minimize crosstalk, and reduce EMI susceptibility, all without impacting system speed.

Product Features

Board Level Shielding
  • Two-piece solution (minimum 0.85mm height)
  • One-piece solution (minimum 0.7mm height)
  • Standardized materials and thicknesses
  • Use of standardized features includes: corner shape, carrier attachment, SMT (castellations), bending radii, pick and place features, through holes, locking holes, locking and contact dimples

Improved Thermal Conductivity: Aluminum covers provide up to 5 times better heat dissipation than CRS.


EMI Performance: Aluminum material offers similar EMI suppression to CRS material.

Select Applications

Board Level Shielding
  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Wearables
  • Consumer electronics
  • The Internet of Things
  • Point of sale equipment
  • Commercial & enterprise routers

Material Comparison

CRS vs. Aluminum

We also offer custom solutions in galvanized steel, stainless steel, and nickel silver C770.

  CRS 1008/1010 Plated Aluminum
Finish Pre-plated tin Cu/Al
Solderability Good Good
Corrosion Resistance Fair OK
Aesthetic Fair Good
Thermal Conductivity 50 W/m-K 120-250 W/m-K
Density 7850 kg/m3 2710 kg/m3
BLS one piece square
Standard square one piece shield
BLS one piece rectangle
Standard rectangle one piece shield
BLS two piece with CRS cover
Standard two piece shield with CRS cover
BLS two piece with aluminum cover
Standard two piece shield with aluminum cover

Standard BLS Portfolio

Minimize Crosstalk

Our standard portfolio of board level shieldsing is tooled and in-stock so that you can quickly get the parts you need to minimize crosstalk and reduce EMI susceptibility in your application. In addition to cold rolled steel (CRS) material, our standard portfolio includes aluminum material options, which are 1/3 the density of CRS. This offers extreme weight savings, while still offering similar EMI suppression. Aluminum options also provide up to 5 times better heat dissipation than CRS material.

  1. Board Level Shielding (BLS) (English)

In response to the growing demand for IoT designs, ever thinner and lighter devices, and quicker design turnaround times, TE Connectivity introduces a new standard portfolio of Board Level Shields (or BLS) with the ability to minimize crosstalk and reduce electromagnetic susceptibility.

With BLS, we are able to leverage TE core competencies of high-speed stamping and automation into customer benefits that allow faster time-to-market and volume, at competitive prices.
Eric Powell,
Product Manager
BLS Rectangle
BLS Pentagon
BLS L-Shape
BLS Corner
Corner Detail
BLS Pick and Place
Pick and place
BLS Frame and Cover Type, Bent and Formed
Frame and cover type, bent and formed
Locking Holes and SMT Castellations
Locking holes and SMT castellations
Locking and Contact Dimples
Locking and contact dimples
One Piece Type, Deep Drawn
One-piece solution type, deep drawn
Overlapping material in corners to maximize shielding effectiveness
Corner overlap detail
  1. Board Level Shielding Manufacturing (English)

Board Level Shielding (BLS) is manufactured in our Qingdao Plant. BLS is made in one continuous, fully automated line where the product is first stamped, 100% inspected, and packaged for shipment.

  • Slim Solutions (English)

TE Advantage

  • Complex? Custom? High volume? No problem.
  • Extensive experience in EMI, stamping, plating, and automation
  • Globally deployed field application engineers (FAE) for local support
  • Streamlined, automated, and continuous production line
  • Most custom parts available 3-5 days from design freeze
  • Benefits from global scale and low cost manufacturing