Power distribution block products with 3 configurations

Our exclusive compact and modular power distribution blocks distribute electrical circuits from a single input source to several devices in the branch circuit. Power distribution blocks are easy to install, save space, and allow increased productivity as well as flexibility of use. They are used in applications such as industrial and commercial panels HVAC, machinery, power distribution units (PDU), and commercial panels.


  • 3 configurations in 1 product: Single pole & multipole splitter, grouping for solar
  • Connect round or flat conductors and save up to 50% space compared to copper bars
  • Reduce assembly time by 80% by avoiding to use fastening and isolating components
  • Suitable for most recent solar installations with 1500V DC rating and up to 12 inputs
  • Easy identification thanks to the delivered pre-printed markers L1, L2, L3, N, PE, +, - 


Main features

  • Rating from 80A to 500A
  • Interlocking function for multiple pole assembling
  • Two directions opening, snap-on and reversible cover
  • Optional input for easy jumpering


  1. DBL Power Distribution Block

TE Connectivity introduces its latest video on DBL Power distribution blocks , the clever distribution concept. Discover how to improve the distribution of power inside your electrical cabinets thanks to our compact and modular design that allow easy installation combined with a great flexibility of use.