The preferred choice for safe testing of current & voltage transformers

ESSAILEC test blocks allow to safely and easily perform test operations such as current and voltage measurement, monitoring, injection, repair or replacement of meters and protective relays installed in secondary circuits of current and voltage transformers or sensors.


  • Reliably supports  service continuity : current testing is performed without cutting the energy supply
  • Save time during testing operation thanks to "plug & play" concept (socket + test plug)
  • Simplify testing: simultaneous testing of 1 to 4 independent circuits on the same socket
  • Secure the testing operations thanks to "make before break" test principle, colors and mechanical codings, covers


Main features

  • ESSAILEC allows: measurement, current or voltage injection, repair, device replacement
  • IP20 protection degree for the socket and IP40 with the lid
  • Sealed cover
  • Panel and switchboard mounting : base, flush, rack, TH35 rail
  • Several wiring technologies, wire connection up to 10 mm²